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[REC-MOUNT25] Car navigation mount set (A1 +B2+C12 for Panasonic car navigation (Gorilla)) [RM25-A1-B2-C12]

[REC-MOUNT25] Car navigation mount set (A1 +B2+C12 for Panasonic car navigation (Gorilla)) [RM25-A1-B2-C12]

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Holder, attachment (A part), arm part (B part), base mount part (C part) A+B+C 3-piece set (A part) A1 for Panasonic car navigation (Gorilla) [RM25-A1 ] (B Part) B2 Arm 70mm Silver [RM25-B2] / (C Part) C12 Stem Hole Mount Base for φ13-17mm [RM25-C12] Part of [Compatible Models] (as of 2019.6.1) (Compatibility Table A1 )CN-SP505VL / CN-SP507VL / CN-SP507VD / CN-SP530L / CN-SP705L / CN-SPJ705VL / CN-SP710VL / CN-SP715VL / CN-SP720VL / CN-SP730L / CN-SP735VL/CN-G1000VD / CN -G1100VD / CN-G1200VD /CN-G1300VD/ CN-G700D / CN-G710D / CN-G720D/CN-G730D/ CN-G500D / CN-G510D /CN-G520D/CN-G530D CN-SL711L / CN-GL711D / CN-GL706D / CN-GL705D/CN-GP505VD / CN-GP507VD / CN-GP507VL / CN-GP510VD / CN-GP530D / CN-GP540D / CN-GP710VD / CN-GP715VD / CN-GP720VD / CN-GP730D / CN- GP735VD / CN-GP737VD / CN-GP740D / CN-GP745VD / CN-GP747VD / CN-GP550D / CN-GP757VD / CN-GP755VD / CN-GP750D / CN-GP550D etc.

ABC The details of each part cannot be described due to character limit etc., so please refer to each product page before purchasing (search by model number) *Panasonic navigation is compatible with A1/ A2/ A3/ A4/ A5/A6/A14. There are multiple products available, so please check the compatibility and shape carefully (just because something came up in a search doesn't necessarily mean it will fit) * Even if you are using a new product other than those listed, "Vehicle Mounting Stand Genuine Model Number CA-PT20D NVP-T20" Vehicle Mounting Suction Cup Stand Genuine Compatible with any navigation system compatible with model number CA-PTQ22D NVP-TQ21. *Please select the base mount part (C parts) from the lineup that matches the size of your vehicle. Please note that there are no compatible parts between REC-MOUNTS and REC-MOUNT25 or REC-MOUNT23 (ball sizes are different for each brand).Returns due to differences in navigation compatibility or differences in base mount dimensions, etc. Everything will be handled according to the customer's convenience. Product specifications (including design, etc.) are subject to change without notice. Some of the images are composites and may differ from the actual dimensions and angles. The installed image is an image. Non-accessories are not included Safety Warning Do not operate the mounted object or mounted product while driving. To prevent the mounted object such as a navigation system from falling off, please connect the mounted object to the vehicle body using a strap, etc. If the mounted object, mounted product, or vehicle itself is damaged due to vibration or falling off during or after installation, we will not be compensated at all. If you move parts A or C without loosening part B (arm), it may cause damage to the ball system, so be sure to never move it with it tightened. Please note that this product only comes in vinyl packaging. There is no instruction manual for this product

Compatible models: ‎GPS
Color: ‎C12 stem 13-17 silver
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: ‎REC -MOUNT25
Manufacturer: REC-MOUNT25
Product model number: RM25-A1-B2-C12
Assembly method: Dashboard
Package size: 21.3 x 16.3 x 5.1 cm; 165 g
Product weight: ‎165 grams
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