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[REC MOUNT+ / Rec Mount Plus] Cycle Mount Kit for Universal Adapter [R+Cycle1-3M] (Narrow Mount + Universal Adapter)

[REC MOUNT+ / Rec Mount Plus] Cycle Mount Kit for Universal Adapter [R+Cycle1-3M] (Narrow Mount + Universal Adapter)

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Narrow mount [R+Narrow1] A set that includes a release lever in 4 colors and a general-purpose adapter [R+3M] A thin, narrow type mount with a clamp width of approximately 6 mm that is easily compatible with aero handles.The mount can be moved freely, allowing for positioning and Regardless of the type of bike, it can be installed in mounting positions A, B, and C for easy viewing. It has the widest selection of expansion parts and is the most recommended product for cycles. Compatible clamp size 31.8mm (type that does not use shims), base mount material: AL6061 Information such as installation, dimensions, and other precautions are subject to character limits, etc. Please also see the manufacturer's product details page. Installation tools not included

This mount, adapter, bracket, head parts, device products (dedicated case or smartphone general-purpose adapter [R+3M] / silicon general-purpose case [R+Silicon]/[R+TRQ]), etc. are [REC MOUNT+ / REC MOUNT+] Plus] Exclusive item. It cannot be attached to other brand products or similar products. *Excluding some adapters and brackets that are listed as being compatible or compatible with other brands' 〇〇 [REC MOUNT+ / REC MOUNT Plus] is a sister brand of REC-MOUNTS (smartphones) For set items (exclusive), please check the dimensional drawings and precautions on each product detail page and RecMount Plus website. ※The image is an image. Items other than accessories are not included. Product specifications are subject to change without notice, and the shape, design, dimensions, etc. may change. Safety Warning This product is exclusive to the [REC MOUNT+] case or the universal adapter [R+3M], so it cannot be attached to other companies' cases (similarly, the exclusive case and the universal adapter [R+3M] (Cannot be attached to other companies' mounts). Installation, dimensions, precautions, etc. cannot be described due to character limit, so please also refer to the manufacturer's product details page. Please check the compatibility of accessories as well. Installation tools are not included

Compatible models: ‎Smartphones
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: REC MOUNT+
Manufacturer: REC MOUNT+
Product model number : ‎R+Cycle1-3M
Accessories: ‎1st image only
Size: ‎Handle diameter (for 31.8mm) standard size
Material: ‎Silicone
Assembly method: ‎Handle
br>Package size: ‎29 x 11.4 x 4 cm; 140 g
Product weight: ‎140 g
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