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REAL Steering [Esquire/Voxy/Noah (80 series)] Original Series Piano Black R80-PBW-BK

REAL Steering [Esquire/Voxy/Noah (80 series)] Original Series Piano Black R80-PBW-BK

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[Product specifications] REAL steering wheel / Original series / Piano black (black stitch) [Slightly smaller diameter / minus 7mm] The horizontal outer diameter of the genuine steering wheel is 382mm, while the REAL steering wheel has a smaller diameter of 375mm. It has turned into. [Compatible with genuine airbags] The airbags and switches are genuine products that can be used as is. Airbags and switches are not included. Compatible with paddle shift. Steering heater not supported. [Strength tested by a third-party organization] It has been proven to have the same strength as the genuine steering wheel in load tests and rotational force tests. [1 Year Warranty] Warranty against fading and cracking on wood or carbon parts for 1 year from the date of purchase. Leather parts are not covered.

[Compatible models] Toyota Esquire (80 series) 2014/10 ~ Voxy (80 series) 2014/1 ~ Noah (80 series) 2014/1 ~ Precautions for use The frame part is not designed specifically for each vehicle type. However, due to individual vehicle model and product differences, the steering wheel may be slightly tilted in the direction of rotation from the horizontal position. In such a case, please correct it by adjusting the tie rod on the vehicle side. In addition, the customer is responsible for paying the costs.

Manufacturer: ‎Real
Brand: ‎Real
Model name: ‎R80-PBW-BK
Packing size: ‎42.8 x 42.8 x 20.4 cm; 2.64 kg
Product model number: ‎R80-PBW-BK
Product weight: ‎2.64 Kilograms
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