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RAM MOUNTS Mount part X grip for phablet with tether RAM-HOL-UN10BU

RAM MOUNTS Mount part X grip for phablet with tether RAM-HOL-UN10BU

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Mount part X Grip for phablet with tether Material: High strength plastic Ball size: 1 inch Product contents: 1 set

X Grip for phablets. Mountable range: Widths are approximately 44mm to 114mm and thicknesses can be mounted up to 22mm. There is a built-in spring in the X-shaped cross stay that holds the object to be mounted. Strong yet easy to put on and take off. The mount is a single item. (Please prepare the arm and base separately.) Rammount is an American manufacturer that produces mounts for navigation systems, smartphones, tablets, etc. Founded in the United States in 1995, we have developed numerous mount kits. The mount, which uses a rubber ball as a fulcrum, has a simple structure but is sturdy and non-slip. The ram mount, which is used not only for mounting on vehicles but also in offices, factories, and other everyday situations, currently has 92 patents and approximately 60 patents pending. The products are manufactured in the USA and are known for their high quality and ease of use. Precautions for use *There may be some unevenness or peeling of the paint or coating on the product, but this is due to the manufacturing process and is not a defect. *To prevent the mounted object from falling off, such as a navigation system or smartphone, please connect the mounted object to the vehicle body using a strap, etc. *When installing, please use "locking adhesive" etc. on each mounting part and adjustment part to securely fix it. *Before driving a car and during breaks, check that the fixings of each part are not loose. Safety Warning *Never operate or adjust mount objects or ram mount products while driving as it is dangerous. *We cannot compensate for damage to the mounted object such as a navigation system, ram mount product, or vehicle body due to vibration or falling off during or after installation, or for troubles caused by the installation method or combination of parts if the ram mount product is not defective. Masu. *In order to prevent unexpected parts damage, defects, and accident damage caused by material deterioration (including rust) due to the usage environment, aging, and wear and tear, be sure to inspect the product condition before use and check for any abnormalities. If so, stop using it or replace it with a new one as appropriate. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎RAM MOUNTS
Model name: ‎RAM-HOL-UN10BU
Packing size: ‎20.4 x 10.1 x 7.5 cm; 120 g
Item model number: ‎RAM-HOL-UN10BU
Special notes: ‎Shockproof, durable, corrosion resistant
Certifications: ‎Required
Item weight: ‎120g
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