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Quality PikaQ Green

Quality PikaQ Green

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Capacity: 225g Color: Green Wire diameter: φ0.1 Material: SUSS steel Ideal for PVC sheets, Karacrete, concrete surfaces, stone uneven surfaces, solid wood, various wood decks, PVC tiles, porcelain tiles 5 colors (blue, red) , yellow, white, green)

[Reliable cleaning results through line end cleaning] With the increasing emphasis on the impact of cleaning wastewater on the environment, there is an increasing number of workplaces where detergents are not used as much as possible, or where they cannot be used. The brush, which is made of strong and flexible ultra-polar wire 0.1φ SUSS steel, uses only a small amount of force to remove surface contamination using only water. Also, for stains that require detergent, it is effective even with 1/10 of the conventional detergent. "Line end cleaning", which overturns conventional wisdom, is an ecological tool for the future.

Manufacturer: ‎Quality
Model number: ‎Qality6
Package size: ‎18.6 x 6.2 x 6.2 cm
Material: ‎SUSS steel material
Color: ‎Green
Packing weight: ‎0.24 kg
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: ‎Quality
Product weight: ‎0.23 kg
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