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Puig Motorcycle Rear Fender BMW R1200GS(13-15) Puig 6352C

Puig Motorcycle Rear Fender BMW R1200GS(13-15) Puig 6352C

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Puig 6352C REAR-FENDER BMW R1200GS(13-15) Puig rear fender

商品の説明 Fits to:Honda CBR600F 1999Honda CBR600F 2000Honda CBR600F 2001Honda CBR600F 2002Honda CBR600F 2003Honda CBR600F 2004Honda CBR600F 2005Honda CBR600F 2006Honda CBR600F 2007Honda CBR600F 1995Honda CBR600F 1996Honda CBR600F 1997Honda CBR600F 1998Honda CBR600F 1986Honda CBR600F 1987Honda CBR600F 1988Honda CBR600F 1989Honda CBR600F 1990Honda CBR600F 1991Honda CBR600F 1992Honda CBR600F 1993Honda CBR600F 1994Honda CBR600F 2008Honda CBR600F 2009Honda CBR600F 2010 Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 1997Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 1998Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 1999Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2000Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2001Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2002Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2003Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2004Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2005Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2006Honda CBR1100XX BLACKBIRD 2007Kawasaki ZX-6R 2000Kawasaki ZX-6R 2001Kawasaki ZX-6R 2002Suzuki RF600R 1993Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 1996Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 1997Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 1998Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 1999Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 1996Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 1997Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 1998Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 1999Suzuki RF600R 1994Suzuki RF600R 1995Suzuki RF600R 1996Suzuki RF600R 1997Suzuki RF600R 1998Suzuki RF600R 1999Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 2000Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 2001Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 2002Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 2003Suzuki GSF600 BANDIT 2004Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 2000Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 2001Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 2002Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 2003Suzuki GSF600S BANDIT 2004Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 2005Suzuki GSF1200 BANDIT 2003Suzuki GSF1200 BANDIT 2004Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 2002Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 2003Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 2004Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 1996Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 1997Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 1998Suzuki GSF1200S BANDIT 19

Manufacturer: Puig
Brand: Puig
Model name: Puig-6352C
Product size: 16 x 39 x 34 cm; 500 g
Product Model Number: 6352C
Discontinued by Manufacturer: No
Position: Back
Product Dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 16 x 39 x 34 cm
Color : ‎Black
Year: ‎2017
Product weight: ‎500 g
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