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Puig Screen (NEW-GENERATION) LONG Dark Smoke YAMAHA MT-09 (13-15) puig-6861F

Puig Screen (NEW-GENERATION) LONG Dark Smoke YAMAHA MT-09 (13-15) puig-6861F

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Condition: New

This product is made by "Puig" (Spain), which is highly rated overseas for its high performance and high quality body parts.

商品の説明 Fits to:BMW R1250R 2019BMW R1250R 2019 Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2009Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2010Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2011Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2012Aprilia DORSODURO 1200 2012Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2013Aprilia DORSODURO 1200 2013Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2008Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2014Aprilia DORSODURO 1200 2014Aprilia DORSODURO 1200 2011Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2015Aprilia DORSODURO 120 0 2015Aprilia DORSODURO 750 2016Aprilia DORSODURO 1200 2016Aprilia DORSODURO 900 2017Aprilia DORSODURO 900 2018Aprilia DORSODURO 900 2019Ducati DIAVEL 2011Ducati DIAVEL 2012Ducati DIAVEL 2013Yamaha MT-09 2014Yamaha MT- 09 2013Yamaha MT-09 2015Yamaha MT-09 2016Yamaha MT-07 2014Yamaha MT-07 2015Yamaha MT-07 2016Yamaha MT-07 2017Yamaha FZ-07 2014Yamaha FZ-07 2015Yamaha FZ-07 2016Yamaha FZ-07 2017Kawasaki Z1000 2014Kawasaki Z1000 2015Kawasaki Z1000 2016Kawasaki Z1000 2017Kawasaki Z1000R 2017Kawasaki wasaki Z1000 2018Kawasaki Z1000R 2018Kawasaki Z1000R 2019Ducati DIAVEL 2014Ducati DIAVEL 2015Ducati DIAVEL 2016Ducati DIAVEL 2017Ducati DIAVEL 2018BMW R1200R 2015BMW R1200R 2016BMW R1 200R 2017BMW R1200R 2018kawasaki Vulcan S 2015kawasaki Vulcan S 2016kawasaki Vulcan S 2017kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe 2017kawasaki Vulcan S 2018kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe 2018kawasaki Vulcan S 2019kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe 2019bmw R1200R 2015BMW R1200R 2016BMW R1200R 2017 W F800R 2016BMW F800R 2017BMW F800R 2018BMW F800R 2015BMW F800R 2019 Dukes Monster 1200 2014Ducati Monster 1200 2015Ducati MONSTER 821 2014Ducati MONSTER 821 2015Ducati MONSTER 1200 S 2015Ducati MONSTER 1200 S 2014Ducati MONSTER 821 2016Ducati MONSTER 1200 2016Ducati MONSTER 1200 S 2016Duca ti MONSTER 1200 R 2016Ducati MONSTER 821 2017Duca

Manufacturer: Puig
Brand: Puig
Model name: 6861F
Product size: 35.56 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm; 635.03 g
Product model number : 6861F
Discontinued by the manufacturer: No
Exterior condition: Smoked
Original part number: 359438
Position: Front
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: ‎35.6 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm
Product weight: ‎635 g
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