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PROTEC Shift Position Indicator SPI-M02 GORILLA (AB27) MONKEY Z50J (Z50J) 11040

PROTEC Shift Position Indicator SPI-M02 GORILLA (AB27) MONKEY Z50J (Z50J) 11040

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Size; Body; W25.5mm x H30.5mm x D14mm (excluding protrusions)
Specifications; SPI-M02
Compatibility; Z50J/AB27 Applicable; GORILLA (AB27) MONKEY Z50J (Z50J )

What is a shift position indicator?The shift position indicator (SPI series) is an innovative meter indicator that digitally displays the gear the gear is in. The gear position is calculated from the two pulse signals of speed and engine rotation, and is displayed in digital numbers on the indicator. Can be installed on a variety of bikes, from mini bikes to large bikes, including FUEL injection electric meter bikes, mechanical meter vehicles, and vehicles without a tachometer. ■Easy to install with a dedicated harness Since a harness specific to the vehicle type is used, there is no need for soldering, etc., and it can be easily installed ■Compact design The main body dimensions are W25.5mm x H30.5mm x D14mm, so it will not get in the way even when installed around the meter. Incredibly compact design ■Equipped with a dimmer sensor (automatic dimming function) for good visibility with LED display. Automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED to improve the visibility of digital numbers. ■Equipped with a shift-up indicator The rotation speed can be set as desired, from break-in to over-rev prevention. When the rotation speed rises above the set value, the blue LED will flash. *You can re-register as many times as you like. Precautions for use *If you squeeze the clutch while driving, a message other than the gear that is in will appear, but this is not a malfunction. . ★While driving, please put safety first and be careful not to look ahead. ★When using on public roads, please obey traffic laws and regulations. ★Do not use spark plugs without resistance. If you use a plug without a resistor, noise may occur and the rotation signal may not be input correctly, so please use a spark plug with a resistor. ★There is a switch on the back of this product, so please attach the included double-sided tape to prevent water from getting in. ★When installing, please install correctly according to the instruction manual. Incorrect installation may cause fire or malfunction. ★After installing this product, periodically inspect it for any missing parts. ★We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by malfunctions, accidents, etc. caused by the use of this product. Please note. ★We are not responsible for any installation/removal fees or other miscellaneous expenses incurred during repairs. Please note.

Manufacturer: PROTEC Brand: PROTEC Packing size: 18 x 11.2 x 5 cm; 138 g Product model number : ‎11040
Product weight: ‎138 g
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