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PRINT Tank Side Pad HDR Clear MT-10/SP (17-20)

PRINT Tank Side Pad HDR Clear MT-10/SP (17-20)

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Condition: New

Compatible models: YAMAHA MT-10/SP 17-20 Color: Clear Material: PVC Shape: 4mm thick/Convex: 2mm high

"H"igh "D"efinition "R"ubber (high-definition rubber) series is a "revolutionary" tank pad that utilizes materials not used in conventional tank pads using unique technology. . Not only does it have top-class grip, but it also reduces damage to clothing, which would otherwise be a problem.Although it is a side pad that focuses on sports driving, it also provides a sense of stability in any situation, such as city riding or touring. You can get it. The elastic, flexible, and frictional pad has countless hex-shaped protrusions to provide grip. It has a good balance of both bite and low aggression. We use reliable 3M™ VHB™ tape for the adhesive tape, ensuring reliable adhesion when loads are applied such as cornering and braking. *Be sure to degrease the surface to be pasted before installation. *Please refrain from using anything containing alcohol or silicone as this may cause a decrease in adhesive strength. *In addition, the most reliable installation is possible when both the product and the surface to which it is applied are installed in an environment of 21 to 38 degrees Celsius, and after 72 hours have passed. *Due to the nature of the material, the adhesive strength will decrease in environments below 20 degrees Celsius, so if it has been stored in a cold place, we recommend warming the product/applying surface. *We do not recommend pasting on surfaces with large curvatures as there is a risk of peeling or insufficient adhesion. Safety Warning *The tank pad cannot be reattached. Be sure to clean, degrease, and position the application surface before pasting.

Manufacturer: ‎Print
Brand: ‎PRINT
Model name: ‎Clear
Package size: ‎35 x 20 x 2 cm; 300 g
Product model number: ‎HDR-276
Color: ‎Clear
Certification: ‎None. Available on a case-by-case basis.
Product weight: ‎300 g
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