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POGGIPOLINI Titanium Flange Hex Bolt M8X30 1021008302

POGGIPOLINI Titanium Flange Hex Bolt M8X30 1021008302

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●Titanium hex flange bolt made by POGGIPOLONI, synonymous with custom bolts. “…When small parts mean a big difference!” ●Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy (commonly known as 64 titanium) used in harsh conditions such as aerospace development and military aircraft ) is used. Compared to iron, it has a specific gravity of about 60% but is about 6 times stronger.Also, the Posipollini genuine mark is engraved on the titanium bolt (excluding some products).●It is easy to remove. Due to its natural nature, the most important issue is to avoid damage, so the head is manufactured using a forging method (heated to a constant temperature and formed using a high-pressure press).The threaded part also uses a rolling method in consideration of durability and tensile strength. In addition, quality control is thoroughly controlled using three-dimensional measurements. ●Light weight, high strength, and design. A must-see item for users who are looking for something different. We deliver world-class quality. Precautions for use ● When installing to the vehicle body, please observe the manufacturer's specified torque for each vehicle body and part.

Manufacturer: ‎POGGIPOLINI
Packing size: ‎20 x 7 x 3 cm; 100 g
Product model number: ‎1021008302
Product weight: ‎100 g
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