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POGGIPOLINI Aluminum Taper Cap Bolt M8 x 45 Silver 101208454S

POGGIPOLINI Aluminum Taper Cap Bolt M8 x 45 Silver 101208454S

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●Aluminum bolt made by POGGIPOLONI, synonymous with custom bolts. “…When small parts mean a big difference!” ●7075 material, which is said to be super duralumin, and T6 treatment (artificial age hardening after solution treatment) and aluminum products are seen as a problem. Alumite treatment (anodized film that covers the surface with a strong Al2O3 oxide film) has been applied to prevent corrosion, improving corrosion and abrasion resistance.Available in 3 colors.● Due to the nature of removal, the most important issue is to prevent damage, so the head is manufactured using a forging method (heated to a certain temperature and formed using a high-pressure press).The threaded part is also manufactured using a rolling method in consideration of durability and tensile strength. We use 3D measurement for quality control. ●Light weight and high strength, and a design that decorates your machine. A must-see item for users looking for something different. We deliver world-class quality. Precautions for use ●When installing to the vehicle body, please observe the manufacturer's specified torque for each vehicle body and part.

Manufacturer: ‎POGGIPOLINI
Brand: ‎POGGIPOLINI( Posipolini)
Package size: ‎20 x 7 x 3 cm; 300 g
Product model number: ‎101208454S
Color: ‎Silver
Product weight: ‎300 g
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