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Pioneer Pioneer Speaker UD-K629 Sound Quality Improvement Item Inner Baffle Inner Baffle Professional Package Daihatsu Toyota Car Carrozzeria

Pioneer Pioneer Speaker UD-K629 Sound Quality Improvement Item Inner Baffle Inner Baffle Professional Package Daihatsu Toyota Car Carrozzeria

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Innovative ideas and technology enable dramatic improvements in sound quality Professional package "6 Series" for Daihatsu/Toyota vehicles that maximizes the original ability of the 16cm speaker Innovative technology and ideas bring out the original capabilities of the speaker Maximizes performance Easy for anyone to install, only 2 parts required

The 6 Series is a professional package that brings out the full potential of his speakers, allowing for dramatic improvements in sound quality through innovative ideas and technology. Anyone can easily install the 6 Series. Maximize speaker performance and dramatically improve sound quality with just two items. The professional package of high-quality inner baffles includes a "hybrid metal die-cast inner baffle" and a "wave-shaped sound insulation cushion" to improve sound quality. This is a package that allows you to easily achieve this. With just two items, you can increase the strength of the door iron plate, suppress resonance near the mounting area, and reduce interference from out-of-phase sound from the back of the speaker. The sound is clearer and has more volume, dramatically improving the sound quality inside the car. Adopts innovative technologies such as ``hybrid metal die-casting'' and ``wave-shaped sound insulation cushion'' that maximize the speaker's original performance through innovative technology and ideas. It maximizes the original performance of the speaker and easily and reliably improves the sound quality.・The reason why it is not only strong and heavy. "Hybrid metal die-cast inner baffle" that thoroughly suppresses unnecessary resonance Generally, it is said that the ideal material for the baffle plate that supports the speaker unit is strong (high rigidity) and heavy (high specific gravity). We focused on the fact that natural vibrations can be suppressed to a surprising extent when different types of metals are closely bonded to each other, and by combining aluminum, iron, and brass, we created a "hybrid metal die-casting" with high rigidity and high specific gravity that suppresses the resonance inherent in metals. Developed "Inner Baffle". By increasing the strength of the installation location while suppressing unnecessary vibrations in the speaker unit, low-frequency response is dramatically improved and tighter low-frequency reproduction is achieved. Matte black vibration damping paint is applied to the "highly rigid aluminum die-cast base" to further improve the damping effect, creating a texture unique to the top-of-the-line model. The ``Steel Anchor Plate'' has been subjected to a finer-grain blasting process than conventional ones, creating a larger contact area with the speaker frame and inner baffle base, contributing to improved rigidity. In addition, a high-density, low-repulsion, high-performance sealing material is used on the bottom. Improves adhesion to the door iron plate and eliminates distortion and resonance. *UD-K625/K629 does not use brass, but is a combination of aluminum and iron. By using damping paint, the sound pressure level has been reduced by 43.9% and the resonance time has been reduced by up to 34.2% (compared to conventional models). Significantly suppresses unnecessary resonance sounds and dramatically improves sound quality.・About the wave-shaped sound insulation cushion We use a ``wave-shaped sound insulation cushion'' that has excellent sound insulation and vibration absorption properties, efficiently disperses reflected sound waves generated within the sound insulation cushion cylinder, and obtains flat frequency characteristics. By shielding out-of-phase sound from the back of the speaker, which leaks into the door trim and goes around through service holes, it greatly improves the disturbance in frequency characteristics. Furthermore, the different wave shapes on the outside and inside of the sound insulation cushion achieve effective sound insulation and vibration absorption, and by efficiently dispersing the reflected sound waves that occur inside the sound insulation cushion cylinder and reducing loss in the mid-low range, Achieves clear music playback with a focus on the mid-low range. Easy for anyone to install, only requires 2 parts High-quality inner baffle Professional package only has 8 parts: ``hybrid metal die-cast inner baffle'' and ``wave-shaped sound insulation cushion.'' Anyone can easily install it, and it can dramatically improve the acoustic environment inside the vehicle. High-quality design with functionality unique to top-of-the-line models A high-rigidity die-cast aluminum base spray-painted with matte black vibration-damping paint and an elegant copper-colored steel anchor plate combine to deliver both design and functionality. Achieving both at a high level. It is simple yet produces a high quality feel and rigidity.

Manufacturer: ‎Carrozzeria/Pioneer
Brand: ‎Pioneer
Model name: ‎High-quality inner baffle professional package
Package size: ‎29.2 x 23 x 10.2 cm; 880 g
Product model number: ‎UD-K629
Special notes: ‎High-quality design with functionality unique to the top model
Color: ‎2022 model professional (hybrid metal die-cast)
Product weight: ‎880 g
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