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Pioneer Pioneer Speaker UD-K5311 Sound Quality Improvement Item Inner Baffle Standard Package Hiace Exclusive Carrozzeria

Pioneer Pioneer Speaker UD-K5311 Sound Quality Improvement Item Inner Baffle Standard Package Hiace Exclusive Carrozzeria

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Designed exclusively for Hiace Easily and reliably achieves high sound quality Highly rigid MDF inner baffle for front speakers Compatible models: Hiace Van (H16/8~present), Hiace Wagon (H16/8~present), Regius Ace [Van]( H16/8~R2/4) *As of October 2022 Compatible models: TS-Z900PRS/TS-V173S/TS-C1730S-2/TS-C1630S-2/TS-C1730-2/TS-C1630-2/TS -F1740S-2/TS-F1640S-2/TS-F1740-2/TS-F1640-2 *As of October 2022

Designed exclusively for Hiace. High-rigidity MDF inner baffle for front speakers that can easily and reliably achieve high-quality sound High-rigidity MDF that utilizes the technology of the UD-K5 series has been optimized for the Hiace, achieving high-quality sound playback with a sense of speed.In the speaker installation area Slight material differences or variations between the left and right sides can cause phase shifts. Therefore, MDF, which has extremely stable density and hardness and excellent vibration damping properties, is ideal as an inner baffle material to ensure sound quality improvement. In particular, the adoption of high-rigidity MDF was essential to compensate for the lack of strength on the inside of the door of the Hiace, which has a unique shape, and to eliminate unnecessary resonance. By easily increasing the degree of adhesion using special parts developed for Hiace owners, the low frequency response is greatly improved. Just by attaching a high-rigidity inner baffle and sound insulation cushion, you can achieve high-quality sound reproduction with a sense of speed. The same damping paint as the UD-K6 series is used to match the door strength of the Hiace.The original performance of the speaker is maximized by suppressing resonance with further damping effects. Enables significant sound quality improvement. Adopts high-performance, high-density, low-repulsion sealing material on the bottom of the inner baffle to eliminate distortion and resonance caused by air leaks and chatter in the gap between the inner baffle and the grounding area of ​​the steel plate on the inside of the door. High adhesion improves sound quality and provides excellent water-stopping properties. Includes a sound insulation cushion that achieves excellent sound insulation and vibration absorption, and is optimized for the internal shape of the HiAce door.By using the included items that fit tightly to the unique shape of the HiAce door trim, the level of sound quality has been improved. to a further dimension. By blocking sound leakage into the door trim and out-of-phase sound from speakers circulating through service holes, etc., disturbances in frequency characteristics are significantly improved. Achieves clear music playback mainly in the mid-low range. The space between the HiAce's door trim and the vehicle door narrows from the top to the bottom. To match the unique shape of the Hiace, we have developed a new sound-insulating cushion that is attached to the ribs of the door trim. By firmly sealing the ground plane of the speaker opening, it is possible to dramatically improve sound quality. Easily improve sound quality with easy installation similar to the UD-K5 series The "High Sound Quality Inner Baffle Standard Package" exclusively for Hiace front speakers features a specially designed high-rigidity "MDF inner baffle" and is optimized for the inside shape of the Hiace's front door. A package that includes a set of "sound insulation cushions". You can install it by yourself, and you can easily improve the sound quality in a short time.

Color: ‎Standard (high rigidity MDF)
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: ‎Pioneer
Manufacturer: ‎carrozzeria/Pioneer
br>Product model number: UD-K5311
Accessories: Inner baffle x 2/Mounting screws (M5mm x 25mm) x 6/Nuts (M5mm) x 6/Washers (9 x 14 for M4mm/M5mm)/Speaker mounting Screws (M4mm x 12mm) x 8 / Sound insulation cushion x 2 / Spacer (for speakers) (outer diameter φ13mm thickness 2.0mm) x 8 / Instruction manual Assembly method: Ceiling mount Packing size: 22.2 x 20.6 x 6.2 cm; 450 g
Product weight: ‎0.45 kg
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