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Papago Continuous Power Supply Cable Fuse Digital Display Continuous Power Cable with Off Timer Digital Display Off Timer Easy! Off Timer Continuous Power Cable miraion MRO-CAR01-AM

Papago Continuous Power Supply Cable Fuse Digital Display Continuous Power Cable with Off Timer Digital Display Off Timer Easy! Off Timer Continuous Power Cable miraion MRO-CAR01-AM

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Easy! The off timer constant power cable is a drive recorder power cable equipped with easy-to-read digital numbers. Supports parking monitoring using a drive recorder with a newly designed design that can be easily operated without a manual. Since power continues for about 360 seconds, it can flexibly respond to temporary voltage changes such as idling stop. The output terminal supports two systems, ``miniUSB'' and ``microUSB'', which are the mainstream standards used in drive recorders. By taking power from the fuse box, wiring can be done neatly and inconspicuously. In addition, it is also compatible with DC 24V vehicles such as buses and trucks, as well as ``off timer setting'' that allows you to select the energization time, ``voltage monitoring'', and ``car battery drain prevention setting''. [Operation confirmed models] ●miraion FORCE 100GS ●PAPAGO GoSafe 372V3 /GoSafe 372V2 /GoSafe S36G /GoSafe S36GS1 /GoSafe S70GS1 /GoSafe M790S1 /GoSafe S50 /GoSafe 130 /GoSafe 130V2 /GoSafe 130PLUS /GoSafe 30G /GoSafe 34G /GoSafe 381 /GoSafe 520 /GoSafe D11 /GoSafe D11GPS /GoSafe 268

❍ Easy-to-read digital numbers ❍ Easy settings with button operations ❍ Vehicle voltage monitoring ❍ Operates for approximately 360 seconds even after voltage cutoff ❍ Equipped with "off timer setting" that allows you to select the energization time ❍ Setting to prevent battery drain ❍ Compact design & neat wiring ❍ "miniUSB" Compatible with "microUSB" output Precautions for use ●The output of the drive recorder being used must be 5V2A or less. ● Be sure to check the operation of this product before wiring the power cable. In the unlikely event that costs such as wiring installation/removal are incurred, we will not be responsible for the costs. ● For safety reasons, please consult with a specialist or car dealer who has experience and knowledge of installing car electronics products before installing and wiring. Specialized skills are required, and incorrect installation or wiring may cause serious damage to the vehicle and cause an accident. ● We do not guarantee that it will work well with all car models and products. ● This product is not waterproof. Be sure to install it in a place out of direct sunlight inside your car. ● Handle with care to prevent foreign objects from entering each terminal. ● Make sure to install it securely. There is a risk of injury or damage due to the main unit falling off or falling. ● Make sure to insert the power cord securely. Failure to do so may result in poor contact and a fire. ● Do not damage, forcefully bend, or modify the cord. ● After installation and wiring, check that the vehicle's electrical components are working properly. ● The driver should not operate while driving. Operation while driving may cause an accident due to inattention to the road ahead. Be sure to stop in a safe place and pull the handbrake before operating the vehicle. ● Our company assumes no responsibility for the battery being discharged and any incidental events. ● Have your car battery inspected regularly. ● Do not use this product in anything other than a 12V/24V vehicle. ● This product is designed for environments where cars are used almost every day. If this product will not be used for two days or more after use, remove it from the input terminal (see connection diagram ❷). ● The warranty period is 3 months from the date of new purchase. Items for which ownership has been transferred, such as resale items, and used items are not covered by the warranty regardless of the reason. ● Proof of purchase (image of receipt, purchase screen, etc.) is required for warranty application. Please keep it in a safe place.

Manufacturer: miraion
Brand: Papago
Model name: Easy! Off timer constant power cable
Product size: ‎7.35 x 4.05 x 1.8 cm; 160 g
Product model number: ‎MRO-CAR01-AM
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 7.3 x 4 x 1.8 cm
Certification: ‎3 months
Product weight: ‎160 g
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