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Panasonic Metal Ventilation Fan FY-25EM5

Panasonic Metal Ventilation Fan FY-25EM5

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Release date: December 15, 2006 Metal ventilation fan Exhaust electric shutter Recessed dimensions: 30cm square Application: Kitchen

Since the kitchen uses fire, we pursue non-flammability. Can be installed inside the kitchen hood ・Main parts such as blades, spinner, orifice, oil pan, main body, shutter, and motor holder are all made of metal ・Propeller fan with air foil tip to reduce unpleasant noise ・Remotely controlled (pull) (No strings) ・Electric shutter ・Direct wiring is possible by installing an optional embedded outlet inside the ventilation fan. No wall outlet is required, and the plug or cord is not exposed, making it safe to install inside the hood.Main body: Made of steel plate.Blade: Made of aluminum. ■Switch (sold separately) FY-SV06W (on-off) - Filters and louvers cannot be attached. Do not install in highly airtight housing, locations with strong outside winds, or mid-to-high floors. Caution

Brand: ‎Panasonic
Product model number: ‎FY-25EM5
Product size: ‎42.6 x 41.1 x 16.9 cm; 4.24 kg
Color: ‎White
br>Name on nameplate: ‎Electric shutter
Wallpaper pattern: ‎Single item
Power supply: ‎Power cord type
Wattage: 6 W
Quantity: ‎1
Accessories: ‎No
Batteries included: ‎No
Product weight: ‎4.24 Kilograms
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