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OX VISOR BASIC MODEL Large visor for front side Odyssey [RA1/RA2/RA3/RA4/RA5] OX-802

OX VISOR BASIC MODEL Large visor for front side Odyssey [RA1/RA2/RA3/RA4/RA5] OX-802

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Condition: New

- Made from genuine virgin acrylic with the highest polymer density in Japan.・It has excellent transparency and beautiful gloss, and there is little change in the appearance of the material even after long-term use, and there is almost no decline in color, strength, or transmittance. ・It has improved elasticity performance such as bending and stretching, and the product is durable. Sex is also improved. - A visor with triple impact strength made using the latest plastic technology. - Blocks 98% of harmful UV rays. - A smart shape that integrates with the vehicle body has excellent aerodynamic properties and effectively suppresses wind noise. - At the same time as ventilation performance, it prevents rain from entering and keeps the interior of the car comfortable when driving in the rain.・Easy bolt-on installation! Also, it has a safe design that allows it to be installed using a stay. - The stay material is made of phosphor bronze, which is flexible and rigid and has excellent fitting.・ Design for vehicle inspection

Excellent design for ventilation inside the car when smoking, etc.! High-quality large visor with high durability and impact performance! Blocks strong sunlight and UV rays, making it comfortable to open and close windows in rainy weather! *Basic model prioritizes ventilation function Due to the design, some car models may interfere with the mirror when retracting. All OX visor series are manufactured in Japan. We use Japan's finest high-grade materials, which include genuine acrylic with high polymer density, excellent weather resistance, and transparency, plus impact resistance and UV protection. ■ The color in your browser may differ from the actual product color. ■ "Vehicle inspection compatible" means that we have confirmed that the product complies with the standards set by the vehicle inspection, and is not a setting or guarantee by a third party. ■ Prices and products may change or production may be discontinued without notice. *For product compatibility, please check the official website (

Manufacturer: ‎ZOO PROJECT
Model name: OX-802
Product model number: OX- 802
Exterior condition: ‎Glossy, Acrylic
Position: ‎Front
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