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NRMAGIC X (Cross) Type S Today/Dio (AF61/62/67/68) MV8990-H10023

NRMAGIC X (Cross) Type S Today/Dio (AF61/62/67/68) MV8990-H10023

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Condition: New

■Silencer: SUS304 (stainless steel) Tail end: Super chrome (plated) Body: Heat-resistant black paint finish Center stand: 〇 ■Accessories: Muffler gasket, mounting bolts, NRock (loosening prevention washer) *Stay shape depends on the vehicle model it's different. [Compatible models] Today/Dio (AF61/62/67/68) ◆Noise test data: Acceleration/69dB Proximity/77dB *2010 Noise Regulations: This product can be used for cars produced until March 2010/2010 Vehicles produced from April 2018 onwards will not be able to be driven on public roads as they will require a government-certified muffler. *We also have a lineup of government-certified mufflers. Package weight: 3.5 kg Shape: Round

[X (Cross) Series] By adopting NR Magic's New V・E・S structure (variable exhaust system), it is quiet enough to start and run with confidence even in residential areas at night, and has power-up performance across the entire range without any settings. You can enjoy it easily. By adopting SUS304 stainless steel silencer, it also has sparkling performance. The tail end design is the "S type", which has a simple and casual look for an adult style, and the "D type", which has a wild and powerful DRAG taste. Which one suits your machine? X (cross) has a heat-resistant black painted body. The high-grade model Platinum Furthermore, the platinum sound structure pursues listening comfort (sound quality performance). *Services included with the product: Muffler gasket (muffler replacement can be done without the hassle of purchasing more) / "N-Rock washer (washer to prevent muffler installation from loosening)" We want you to use it for a long time! An original with the thoughts of NR Magic GIFT Parts/1 Year Free Repair Warranty Safety Warning Please use the product in the correct installation condition for compatible vehicle models. Incorrect installation may result in damage to the product, so please be sure to install it by someone with maintenance qualifications, specialized knowledge, and technology. For installation, please refer to the manufacturer's manual and use the appropriate tools. Make sure that there are no exhaust leaks when starting the test, and then perform a retightening inspection. In addition, vibration may loosen bolts, so for safety's sake, be sure to retighten them before each ride. If you notice any abnormal noises or other problems, please stop the vehicle immediately, conduct a thorough check and perform appropriate maintenance before resuming driving.

Manufacturer: NR Magic
Brand: NR Magic
Model Name: MV8990-H10023
Package Size: 74 x 23 x 17 cm; 3.5 kg
>Product model number: ‎MV8990-H10023
Color: ‎Plated
Certification: ‎1 year from the date of delivery. A statement of delivery is required. We guarantee this product only for use within Japan. , 1 year free repair warranty
Product weight: ‎3.5 Kilograms
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