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[No3874] Monkey/Gorilla tempered Aramaki YEARS RIYASYOKKU/REDDO/GOLD 240 mm

[No3874] Monkey/Gorilla tempered Aramaki YEARS RIYASYOKKU/REDDO/GOLD 240 mm

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Monkey, Gorilla *Can be installed on Dax/Charly etc. by replacing the included color (may interfere with the fender) Left and right set of 2, complete set of mounting collars included Effective length: 240mm (Monkey genuine is Approximately 265mm) (The image is a 300mm one) Maximum spring diameter Φ60mm Cam type spring initial adjustment (5 steps adjustment) Body: Gold Spring: Red *Please note that installation instructions are not included. .

・This is a rear shock developed for mini bikes such as Monkey and Dax.・We have fundamentally reviewed the existing rear shock and updated the spring rate and internal structure.・A rear shock for smoothing over uneven asphalt roads.・Cam type spring initial adjustment (5 steps) is possible. - By slightly reducing the spring pitch of the Aramaki shock, the rear shock is mild and has a firm feel. -A rear shock that can reduce fatigue during long-distance touring.

Brand: ‎minimoto
Manufacturer reference: ‎NO3874
Position: ‎Right, Left
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