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Nippon Seiki Defi Meter [Defi-Link ADVANCE BF] Exhaust Temperature Meter (Amber Red) DF10602

Nippon Seiki Defi Meter [Defi-Link ADVANCE BF] Exhaust Temperature Meter (Amber Red) DF10602

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[Defi] Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF Exhaust Temperature Meter 60φ Red Red EGT Meter

■During sports driving, where you often run at full throttle, the turbocharger and surrounding exhaust become extremely hot. For tuned engines, especially turbo engines, exhaust temperature is an important point in determining the settings. ■The exhaust temperature meter is a meter that confirms whether the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine is combusting normally. Especially when driving at high speeds, the best possible mixture is required, and even the slightest imbalance can cause malfunction or damage to the engine or turbocharger. ■Exhaust temperature gauge is useful as a barometer for engine performance or for setting fuel. ■An ADVANCE control unit is required separately to operate the meters and displays of the ADVANCE system. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read this item If this item is ordered, it will be shipped 2-4 days later (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). However, please note that it may take some time if the manufacturer is out of stock. (It may take more than a month.)

Manufacturer: ‎Defi
Brand: ‎Defi
Product model number: DF10602
By manufacturer Discontinued: ‎No
Original part number: ‎DF10602
Color: ‎Amber Red
Product weight: ‎445 g
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