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NGK HB6BIX-11P 5705 Integrated X6 Nejike Nippon Special Ceramics 6X-2377

NGK HB6BIX-11P 5705 Integrated X6 Nejike Nippon Special Ceramics 6X-2377

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Condition: New

NGK spark plug HB6BIX-11P 5705 integrated, new. Number of products: 6 items, 6 pieces set.
[Please check the terminal shape] Terminal shapes include integrated terminal type, screw type, separate type, and punch-swiveling type. The detachable type looks like a terminal type at first glance, but when you rotate the terminal and remove it, it becomes a screw type. Compatibility: AVENSIS AZT251・251W MARKⅡ BLIT JZX110W MARKⅡ JZX110 PROGRES JCG11 PROGRES JCG15 PROGRES JCG10 BREVIS JCG11 BREVIS JCG10・15 CROWN MAJESTA JKS175 (Hybrid) CROWN MAJESTA JZS175・ 175W・177 Crown/Majesta CROWN MAJESTA JZS171・171W・173・173W VEROSSA JZX110 NGK is a global automobile parts manufacturer that manufactures automobile parts such as spark plugs and sensors. NGK's spark plugs have the wonderful characteristics of high quality, high performance, environmental friendliness, and a diverse lineup. Due to these features, it is trusted by many car manufacturers and is used in many cars around the world. 【High Quality】NGK spark plugs are made of high quality materials and manufactured under strict quality control. Therefore, it is highly reliable and has a long service life. [High Performance] NGK spark plugs have high ignition performance. This improves engine output and fuel efficiency, and enables smooth acceleration and stable idling. [Environmentally friendly] NGK spark plugs can exhibit high ignition performance even at low temperatures. This improves exhaust emissions and fuel efficiency when cold, contributing to an environmentally friendly engine. [Diverse lineup] NGK has a lineup of spark plugs suitable for various vehicle models and uses. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable spark plug for your car model and get the most out of your engine's performance.

Manufacturer: ‎138OnlineShop
Brand: ‎138OnlineShop
Manufacturer reference: ‎6X-2377
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