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NGK 4-wheel power cable (Quantity: 3) [2514] 32S

NGK 4-wheel power cable (Quantity: 3) [2514] 32S

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Quantity: 3 pieces Cord diameter: 7mm

High performance that brings out the maximum performance of the machine! By using the ultimate 0.9kΩ/m ultra-low resistance variable pitch winding and hyper silicon, the spark energy sent from the ignition coil is reliably transmitted and the performance is brought out to the maximum. Masu. ●Structure: Low-resistance metal resistance wire is wound on a ferrite core with a variable pitch winding (0.9kΩ/m) in alternating coarse and dense layers, with a hypersilicon coating on top. ●Features: 130% spark energy due to 0.9kΩ/m.Resistance value of general cord is 16kΩ/m. The NGK power cable has an extremely low resistance of 0.9kΩ/m, approximately 1/18th of that, and accurately supplies the spark energy sent from the ignition coil to the plug. According to our test results, we achieved approximately 130% more spark energy than standard cords. Generates a more powerful spark and efficiently brings out the engine's potential performance.・Spark noise prevention effect Spark noise is reduced while maintaining ultra-low resistance by making the variable windings wound around the magnetic ferrite core into a denser and coarser structure. - Adoption of new material "Hyper Silicone" A new material, Hyper Silicone, is used for the covering part, achieving significant improvements in heat resistance, voltage resistance, gasoline resistance, and mechanical strength. Maintains excellent performance even under more severe conditions. Precautions for use *Note 1: Be sure to turn off the engine and wait for the engine to cool down before replacing the plug cord. (If you do this when the engine is hot, there is a risk of burns, etc., so please be careful and wear gloves.) When removing the plug cord, be sure to hold the cap and pull it straight to remove it. If it is difficult to remove, turn the cap part left and right and pull it straight to remove it. Do not pull the cord. Also, do not forcefully shake the cap section from side to side. (If you pull the cord by the cord or pull it diagonally, it may cause the metal fittings to come off or the cord to break.) ・Note 2: If you use pliers or pliers to remove it, it may damage the rubber cap and cause a leak, so please do not use pliers. , do not use pliers, etc.・Note 3: When installing the plug, distributor, or ignition coil, make sure that the cap is securely inserted. (Depending on the engine, if the cap is floating, water may enter and cause a leak.) -Remove and reinstall the plug cords one by one to avoid mistakes.・Please install according to the cylinder number indicated on the plug code. - When replacing the plug cord, if a coupler is attached to the cap, please use the coupler currently in use on both the distal and coil sides. *Some model numbers come with a coupler. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read carefully [Note] Please check the compatibility table on the manufacturer's website to see which part number is compatible with your vehicle. Items with a different alphabet or number in the part number are also different products, so please check the vehicle inspection certificate before ordering to avoid making a mistake. Read more

Manufacturer: ‎NGK (NGK)
Brand: NGK (NGK)
Model name: 32S
Package size: 37.2 x 17.2 x 6.5 cm; 390.09 g
Item model number: ‎32S
Item weight: ‎390 g
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