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Muchas sonrisas Monkey Gorilla Cub Dax Oil Cooler 4 Tier Type Radiator Shary Buggy Bike (Black)

Muchas sonrisas Monkey Gorilla Cub Dax Oil Cooler 4 Tier Type Radiator Shary Buggy Bike (Black)

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□ [Oil Cooler] When the engine is continuously used at high speeds, the temperature of the oil circulating inside the engine increases. If the oil temperature rises too high, the oil will deteriorate, and in the worst case, it will cause engine blowout due to poor lubrication. This is an aluminum 4-stage core oil cooler that is ideal for monkeys, gorillas, dachshunds, etc. How about a vehicle that tends to overheat? □ [Perfect for hot summer days] The oil cooler has a 4-stage core type stainless steel mesh hose that stabilizes the oil temperature and protects the engine. Oil temperature tends to rise during the hot summer months, so installing an oil cooler will give you a different sense of security. Also, since motorcycles have air-cooled engines, the oil temperature tends to rise, so it is necessary to install an oil cooler to stabilize the oil temperature. Air-cooled bikes are suitable for motorcycles because they have a simple structure and can be cooled by wind while riding. □ [Size] Main body: 4-stage oil cooler main body 200 mm x 75 mm / Hose part: 430 mm □ [Reliable quality assurance] Our products are thoroughly controlled from the manufacturing factory to inspection to maintain quality. If you receive a defective item, please contact us immediately. □[Please note] This product is an original product from Muchas sonrisas, a motorcycle/car custom parts specialty store. There are many similar products, but if you purchase from another seller, the manufacturer's factory is different, so you may receive a product with a different quality or size than the description, or a product with different performance than this product. please note.

Manufacturer: ‎Muchas sonrisas
Brand: ‎Muchas sonrisas
Packing size: ‎27.4 x 14.4 x 8.4 cm; 1.03 kg
Manufacturer Reference: ‎MCS-0024
Color: ‎Gold
Capacity: ‎1 Kilogram
Product Weight: ‎1.03 Kilograms
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