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MRA Vario Touring Clear FAZER8(10-16) MVT249C Screen

MRA Vario Touring Clear FAZER8(10-16) MVT249C Screen

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Condition: New

Compatible models: YAMAHA FAZER8 (10-16) Specifications: Vario Touring, Color: Clear, Material: Acrylic Size: Width 335mm x Length 415mm (Original length ratio +55mm) Screen molding included

MRA Vario Touring is a screen with a unique variable flap at the screen end. The flap angle and height can be adjusted to 6 levels. It is possible to control the flow of wind depending on the situation. The wind coming from the front and the wind passing through the screen and flap cancel out each other's momentum, reducing the wind resistance that hits your body. It exhibits a high rectification effect while keeping the height of the screen low. Precautions for Use: Please do not adjust the spoiler while driving as it is dangerous. Screens can collect sunlight and cause damage to your vehicle. Please do not park your vehicle in direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: MRA
Brand: MRA
Model name: MVT249C
Package size: 60 x 50 x 30 cm; 800 g
Product model number: ‎MVT249C
Exterior condition: ‎Clear type
Position: ‎Front
Color: ‎Clear
Product weight: ‎800 g
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