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[Mobix] Panasonic Gorilla SSD Portable Car Navigation Mounting Stand Drink Holder Flexible Arm Type) Compatibility A [12-A]

[Mobix] Panasonic Gorilla SSD Portable Car Navigation Mounting Stand Drink Holder Flexible Arm Type) Compatibility A [12-A]

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This is a drink holder flexible arm type car navigation mounting stand for compatibility chart A. A type that allows you to install the navigation system by simply placing it in the drink holder space of your car.The angle of the arm moves, so it can be installed in a position that is easy to see.Easy to remove and remove without tools, making it easy to change vehicles.Comes with a parking release part that allows you to operate the navigation system while driving. If you have a navigation system with One Seg, you can also watch TV.Click See more for compatible models.

[Compatible models]) As of June 1, 2020 (compatibility table: A) CN-SP series CN-SP505VL / CN-SP507VL / CN-SP507VD / CN-SP530L / CN-SP705L / CN-SPJ705VL / CN-SP710VL / CN -SP715VL / CN-SP720VL / CN-SP730L / CN-SP735VLCN-G series CN-G1400VD / CN-G1300VD / CN-G1200VD /CN-G1100VD / CN-G1000VD /CN-G720D / CN-G710D / CN-G700D /CN -G540D / CN-G530D CN-G520D / CN-G510D / CN-G500DCN-GL series CN-SL711L / CN-GL711D / CN-GL706D / CN-GL705DCN-GP series CN-GP505VD / CN-GP507VD / CN-GP507VL / CN-GP510VD / CN-GP530D / CN-GP540D / CN-GP710VD / CN-GP715VD / CN-GP720VD / CN-GP730D / CN-GP735VD / CN-GP737VD / CN-GP740D / CN-GP745VD / CN-GP747VD / CN- GP550D / CN-GP757VD / CN-GP755VD / CN-GP750D / CN-GP550DNV-JM series NV-JM450DT / NV-JM460DT / NV-JM480DT / NV-JM520DT / NV-JM525DTNV-M series NV-M10 / NV-M11 / NV-M15DT / NV-M16DT / NV-M200 / NV-M400 / NV-MB77DT / NV-MB80DTNV-SB series NV-SB150DT / NV-SB250DT / NV-SB260DT / NV-SB261DT / NV-SB261DT / NV-SB26DTJ / NV-SB360DT / NV-SB360DTA / NV-SB510DT / NV-SB515DT / NV-SB517D / NV-SB518DT / NV-SB530DT / NV-SB531DT / NV-SB540DT / NV-SB540DTJ / NV-SB541DT / NV-SB550DT / NV- SB570DT / NV-SB571DTNV-SD Series NV-SD10 / NV-SD10DT / NV-SD10DTZ / NV-SD10DTJ / NV-SD200DT / NV-SD201DT / NV-SD205DT / NV-SD207DT / NV-SD210DT / NV-SD210DTA / NV- SD630DT / NV-SD630DTA / NV-SD740DT / NV-SD741DT Others NV-KM45DT / MCDY-MK001 CA-PTQ22D NVP-TQ21" compatible navigation system is compatible. *Gorilla has multiple compatibility A / B / C / D / BMC, so please check the compatibility carefully. Returns due to incorrect compatibility are at the customer's convenience.Even if the item is found in a search, it does not necessarily mean it is compatible. *As this item is for commercial use, the outer box and instructions are not included. *Only some stands have a simple instruction manual. Safety Warning: This product is a substitute and is not a genuine Panasonic part. Because it is for commercial use, it is only packed in vinyl and does not have an instruction manual. For safety, please take the same measures to prevent it from falling off as the genuine product. Even if it is caught in a search, it does not mean it is compatible, so please check the compatible model in the description.

Brand: Movaics
Product model number: 12-A
Type: Drink holder
Accessories: Parking release parts
Color: Drink holder flexible
Packing size: ‎25.5 x 9.4 x 8.1 cm; 205 g
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