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MOTOGRAFIX Body Pad CBR600RR 07/08 FRONT Black MT-NH009K

MOTOGRAFIX Body Pad CBR600RR 07/08 FRONT Black MT-NH009K

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Body Pad FRONT CBR600RR 07/08 FRONT Black 299x560(mm)

Mark Jarvis, a genius British graphic designer, brings you over 1000 items that perfectly capture the make and model of his car.His designs are unparalleled. Precautions for use Please be sure to check the usage instructions before using. Adhesion requires at least 24 hours for adhesive strength to become stable. (It takes time, especially in winter when the temperature is low.) If you use it before it is completely adhered, it may peel off or shift. Reapplying the adhesive will weaken the adhesive and make it easier to peel off. Please be very careful and work carefully.

Manufacturer: MOTOGRAFIX
Model name: MT-NH009K
Package size: 55.6 x 29.6 x 1 cm; 280 g
Product model number: ‎MT-NH009K
Product weight: ‎280 g
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