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Monster Sports Air Filter [POWER FILTER PFX300] SD9A Suzuki Turbo Jimny [JB23W]/Alto Works [HA12S/HA22S]/Kei[HN11S/HN21S/HN12S (early)/Wagon R [MC11S/MC21S/MC12S/MC22S] and others

Monster Sports Air Filter [POWER FILTER PFX300] SD9A Suzuki Turbo Jimny [JB23W]/Alto Works [HA12S/HA22S]/Kei[HN11S/HN21S/HN12S (early)/Wagon R [MC11S/MC21S/MC12S/MC22S] and others

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Automotive air filter [Product number] SD9A [Classification] JB23 engine intake [Compatible genuine part number] 13780-81AA0, 13780-77A00, 13780-75F00, 1A02-13-Z40 [Compatible model 1] Jimny / Model: JB23W / Year: 1998.09 - [Compatible models 2] Alto Works, Alto / Model: HA12S, HA22S, TA-HA23S / Year: 1998.10 -, 2001.02 - [Compatible models 3] Kei Works, Kei / Model: HN11S, HN21S, HN12S, HN22S (twin cam turbo) / Year: 1998.10~, 2001.04~ [Compatible models 4] Wagon R, Wagon R Stingray / Model: MC11S, MC21S, MC12S, MC22S (twin cam turbo) / Year: 1998.10~, 2000.12~ (Twin Custom Turbo) [Compatible models 5] Every Wagon, Every / Model: DA52W, DA52V, DB52W, DB52V/DA62W, DA62V / Year: 1998.12 ~ [Compatible models 6] Carry / Model: DA52T, DB52T, DB62T, DA63T , DA65T / Year: 1999.01 ~ [Compatible car models 7] For car models not listed here, please refer to the compatibility table on the official website.

"POWER FILTER PFX300" is a trade-in type air filter that uses a high-performance filter material that achieves both high dust collection efficiency and low intake resistance.By using the standard air box (air cleaner box), hot air inside the engine room can be removed. Cool, fresh air can be sent to the engine without inhaling it. Genuine compatible type designed specifically for the vehicle. To install, just replace the genuine air filter. You can also install it by DIY. ■The purpose of the filter is to protect the engine and turbo with its outstanding dust collection ability. - The newly developed filter material 210NR has outstanding dust collection performance and captures sand, dust, and iron powder that are harmful to the engine and turbo without leaking.・Achieved a cleaning efficiency of 98% through his 2-layer, 2-stage dust collection with a 10 μm class No. 1 filter and a 1 μm class No. 2 filter. ■I want to enjoy sports further, for longer, and forever.・In order to maintain performance, we recommend inspection and cleaning at 5000km and replacement at 10000km. If the filter is extremely dirty or damaged, it is necessary to replace the product even if the mileage has not reached 10,000km. *The filter cannot be washed with water. [Product specifications] ・Product number: SD9A ・Body dimensions: 237 x 137 x 42 ・Filter area: 1580cm2 [Compatible models] ■SUZUKI Genuine Parts No.: 13780-81AA0, 13780-77A00, 13780-75F00 Car name /[Model]/Year ・MR Wagon/[MF21S]/2001.11~2005.12 ・Alto Works, Alto/[HA12S,HA22S,HA23S]/1998.10~2000.01, 2001.02~2004.08 ・Every Wagon, Every/[DA/DB52W, V/DA62W,V]/1998.12~2001.09, 2001.09~2005.09 ・Every Plus/[DA32W]/1999.06~2001.05 ・Everylandy/[DA32W]/2001.05~2005.06 ・Carry/[DA/DB52T,DB62T,DA63T,DA 65T] /1999.01~2013.09 ・Kei Works, Kei/[HN11S,HN21S,HN12S,HN22S]/1998.10~2002.10 ・Jimny/[JB23W]/1998.09~2018.06 ・Twin/[EC22S]/2003.01~2005.12 (Hybrid G ​​) ・Wagon R , Stingray/[MC11S,MC21S,MC12S,MC22S]/1998.10~2001.11, 2000.12~2002.08 (Twin Custom Turbo) ・Wagon R Wide/[MA,MB61S]/1997.01~1999.05 ・Wagon R Solio/[MA64S]/2000.12~ 2005.08 *Before purchasing, please check the model, year, prime mover, transmission, drive system, grade, etc. of the installed vehicle, and check if the product is compatible with the vehicle on the official website. *For compatible car models not listed here, please check the official website.

Manufacturer: MONSTER SPORT Brand: MONSTER SPORT Model name: SD9A Packing size: 26.6 x 15.6 x 4.7 cm; 240 g >Product model number: ‎SD9A
Color: ‎Red
Certification: ‎Please contact us if you have any questions
Product weight: ‎240 g
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