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MONSTER SPORT Brake Pad Type-S1/Front/Swift Sport [ZC33S/ZC32S]/Swift [ZC13S/ZC43S/Z#53S/Z#83S] and others 411140-7650M

MONSTER SPORT Brake Pad Type-S1/Front/Swift Sport [ZC33S/ZC32S]/Swift [ZC13S/ZC43S/Z#53S/Z#83S] and others 411140-7650M

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[Compatible models] Swift Sport [ZC33S]17.09~/FF/[ZC32S]11.12~16.12/FF [Compatible models] Swift [ZC13S/ZC43S/Z#53S/Z#83S]17.01~/FF Braking performance Street brake pads with improved controllable characteristics from low temperature and low speed ranges to high speed ranges. The noise and dust that are bothersome when used on the street are suppressed and balanced. *Brake pads are for one car each.

A street brake pad that improves the braking performance brought about by the harmony of braking characteristics and controllability, and has controllable characteristics from low-temperature low-speed ranges to high-speed ranges. ■Braking performance In addition to providing further braking performance suitable for vehicles equipped with high-performance brakes, it has been tuned to provide controllable brake feel from low-temperature, low-speed ranges to high-speed ranges. In addition, by tuning the friction characteristics and bite feeling during initial braking at low temperatures, we have achieved a finish that suppresses the awkwardness of braking (clumsy braking). ■Street use The noise and dust that are bothersome when used on the street are also suppressed and balanced. (*More noise and dust compared to normal brake pads) [Compatible models] Swift Sport [ZC33S] 17.09~/FF [ZC32S] 11.12~16.12/FF Swift (including RS) [ZC13S] 17.01~ [ZC43S] 17.07~/FF / Rear disc vehicle only [ZC83S] 17.01~/FF/4WDF / Rear disc vehicle only [ZD83S] 17.01~/FF/4WD / Rear drum vehicle, rear not compatible [ZC72S/ZD72S] 10.09~16.12/FF/4WD / Rear disc vehicles only [Specifications] Specifications: Front average coefficient of friction: 0.35 to 0.37μ Compatible temperature: Room temperature to 450℃ Material: Non-steel Product composition: 1 piece for front (set of 4 discs) Applicable use: Street to winding [Note] *Replacement work on this product falls under "disassembly and maintenance" under the law. * We do not emphasize the impact of installing this product on the control of the stability control system, various support systems (collision damage mitigation brake, false start prevention function, etc.), and other brake control systems (hill hold control, etc.) . Not limited to this product, changes in braking characteristics (relative to a normal vehicle) due to replacement of brake parts may affect control and operation depending on the situation. Please note. *Specifications of this product may change or production may be discontinued without prior notice.

Manufacturer: MONSTER SPORT
Model name: 411140-7650M
Package size: 15.8 x 8.4 x 6.6 cm; 1.3 kg
Item model number: ‎411140-7650M
Position: ‎Back
Color: ‎Red
Year: ‎2018
Body type: ‎Compact
Certification: ‎No warranty
Item weight: ‎1.3 Kilograms
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