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Monkey 50 Genuine Fork Front Hydraulic Disc Kit (10" Standard Type) Kep Speed

Monkey 50 Genuine Fork Front Hydraulic Disc Kit (10" Standard Type) Kep Speed

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Introducing a disc conversion kit for genuine front forks! We have achieved a front disc brake while keeping the original front fork.Moreover, we use opposed 2POD calipers with the same design as the KEPSPEED wide swing arm (10 inch type). In other words, it is possible to upgrade to Brembo 2POD Large. *The brake SW wiring in the image is not included due to specification changes. Please prepare by yourself.

This product is a product of KEPSPEED, which manufactures high-grade aluminum parts. [About installation] To use this product, you will need a monkey front wheel disc hub (or equivalent) sold by our company. If you are using a hub from another company, you may need to replace the adjustment parts included in the kit or need additional parts. You may also need parts to adjust the wheel center. It can be used for front forks with bellows boots for both Dax and Shary. However, it is necessary to swap the left and right inner suspensions and change to the right disc. Also, please note that safe distances between parts, such as those recommended by motorcycle manufacturers, cannot be maintained. Use upright valve type tire tubes. In the case of an L-shaped valve, the valve may come into contact with the caliper. When using Brembo's 2POD large caliper, please insert a spacer approximately 2mm thick between the caliper and the caliper support. After you start driving, be careful of the occurrence of so-called "initial loosening" and perform frequent inspections to prevent unexpected troubles.

Manufacturer: ‎KEPSPEED
Brand: ‎GM-MOTO
Manufacturer reference: ‎mky-00211
Discontinued by manufacturer: ‎No
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