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MOMO Steering MOD.08 35 pie BK/Suede M-63

MOMO Steering MOD.08 35 pie BK/Suede M-63

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Condition: New

Grip: Black suede Spokes: Blue Size: 350mm 6 mounting screws are not included (please use the attached screws on the boss side) A boss (adapter) for each car model is required for installation.

■Model 08 has a plain steering grip with no bumps or bumps, supporting quick steering work. ■The 90mm deep cone boasts the deepest DISH length of any MOMO steering wheel, and the steering is offset approximately 50mm toward the driver side compared to the general model (DISH length 37mm), allowing you to easily adjust your driving position without using a boss spacer. It can be adjusted. ■The grip part has a nearly perfect circle shape of about 30mm that makes it easy to apply force, and it has an excellent operating feel when wearing racing gloves.The gentle R surface allows you to grip the steering wheel with both hands as well as when holding the steering wheel with one hand during side turns. Stable operation is possible. ■Before purchasing, please be sure to check the manufacturer's website for any errors. *Please note that the images shown are samples and may differ from the actual shape, color, component composition, etc.

Manufacturer: ‎Momo
Brand: ‎Momo
Model name: ‎M-63
Package size: ‎36 x 36 x 10.5 cm; 1.21 kg
Item model number: ‎M-63
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Color: ‎Millennium
Certification: ‎Subject to manufacturer's warranty.
Product weight: ‎1.21 Kilograms
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