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MK KASHIYAMA Brake Shoes (Set of 2) Lunessa N30 Z1240-10

MK KASHIYAMA Brake Shoes (Set of 2) Lunessa N30 Z1240-10

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Set of 2

●Top class in the domestic repair market. As reliable brake parts, the MK brand is provided not only in Japan but also to all markets around the world. We also continue to develop detailed products in response to ever-evolving car technology. ●Brake pads and brake shoes are parts that convert the kinetic energy of a car into frictional heat to slow or stop the car. Even light passenger cars have a mass of nearly 1 ton, so the amount of heat generated is enormous. ●MK Kashiyama's friction materials are products that withstand enormous amounts of heat while achieving stable effectiveness, long life, noise and vibration suppression, high strength, and corrosion resistance. *Please see the manufacturer's website for compatibility and details. Precautions for use ●Brake shoes are consumable items. If the wear width is large, replace it as soon as possible.

Manufacturer: MK KASHIYAMA
Model name: Z1240-10
Package size: 30 x 30 x 6.5 cm; 1.98 kg
Product model number: ‎Z1240-10
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎1.98 Kilograms
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