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MITSUBA SZ-1161 Horn Harness Set for Honda Vehicles

MITSUBA SZ-1161 Horn Harness Set for Honda Vehicles

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Condition: New

Country of manufacture: Japan Accessories: Harness/power relay, 2 earth cords, 4 cable ties 12V30A Type: Single item

●One-touch installation to genuine horn connector! This is a horn harness that can be connected with the genuine horn connector that is often used on Honda vehicles with one touch. Wiring is possible without damaging the genuine cord. ●30 Amp Power Relay By adopting a relay that supports a maximum current consumption of 30A, it is possible to supply stable power even to large horns and horns with large inrush currents. ●Extremely thick AVS2.0sq cord Adopts an extremely thick 2.0sq for automotive power line and horn supply line. Demonstrates the full performance of the horn. ■Reliable independent circuit The horn can be installed without worrying about the wiring system on the vehicle side or the capacity of the horn fuse. Precautions for use: Please check the actual vehicle for compatibility.

Manufacturer: MITSUBA
Model name: SZ-1161
Package size: 18.5 x 8.8 x 7.7 cm; 270 g
Product model number: ‎SZ-1161
Color: ‎Yellow
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎270 g
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