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MITSUBA (Mitsuba Sankowa) Drive recorder dedicated microSD card 32GB EDR-C01

MITSUBA (Mitsuba Sankowa) Drive recorder dedicated microSD card 32GB EDR-C01

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Condition: New

・Package dimensions H: 125mm, W: 85mm, D: 5,mm

Main features of "MITSUBA MicroSD Card Series" 1) High durability due to the adoption of "3D NAND flash memory" By adopting "3D NAND flash memory" which achieves large capacity due to the multi-layer structure of memory cells, the unique characteristics of drive recorders are achieved. It is resistant to rewriting and has excellent durability. In addition, because it uses widely spaced memory cells, errors occur less frequently and data transfer is faster, making it suitable for use in drive recorders. 2) High reliability that allows you to use it with peace of mind even with the riding characteristics of a motorcycle.Since it has measures against instantaneous power interruptions, it is not only resistant to sudden power outages due to accidents, but also resistant to heat from the engine and severe temperature changes due to outdoor storage. It has passed cold and heat resistance tests assuming Furthermore, it has a robust design that can withstand continuous vibration, shock, and waterproofing, and is highly reliable so that it can be used with confidence even on motorcycles under severe usage conditions. 3) Wide range of lineups to choose from depending on how you use it We have a lineup of 3 types that you can choose from depending on how often you use it and how you use it. You can choose the capacity to suit the diversifying usage scenarios of the drive recorder, such as commuting around town such as commuting to work or school, or even long touring for 1 night or 2 days. 4) Pre-formatted to suit the EDR series Since it is pre-formatted to suit the EDR series, customers using the EDR series can use it immediately after purchase. (If you are using something other than the EDR series, you will need to format it with the drive recorder you are using.)

Manufacturer: MITSUBA
Brand: MITSUBA Mitsuba Sankowa)
Model name: ‎microSD card 32GB
Package size: ‎12.5 x 8.4 x 0.04 cm; 20 g
Product model number: ‎EDR-C01
Special notes: ‎Durability
Certification: ‎1 year
Product weight: ‎20 g
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