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MITSUBA (Mitsuba Sankowa) Motorcycle drive recorder EDR2nd series Standard model with 2 front and rear cameras EDR-22 Black

MITSUBA (Mitsuba Sankowa) Motorcycle drive recorder EDR2nd series Standard model with 2 front and rear cameras EDR-22 Black

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Dimensions: Body (W: 85mm x D: 62mm x H: 21mm), Camera (Φ: 27mm x D: 43mm), Switch (W: 23mm x D: 35mm x H: 9.5mm), GPS (W) :33mm×D:43.7mm×H:13.5mm) Camera specs/Angle of view: 162° diagonal/F value: 1.8/Frame rate: 27.5fps Backup power supply: Equipped with super capacitor/microSDHC class10 64GB included Dustproof/waterproof performance Camera part: IP66/67 Body: IP66/67 Video can be checked using wireless LAN & dedicated smartphone app

Bike First's authentic drive recorder A strong design that has passed advanced tests in all aspects of [waterproofing, dustproofing, and vibration resistance] that are essential for motorcycles that are constantly exposed to rain and wind and subject to severe vibrations. This is an authentic drive recorder that takes into account the unique characteristics of motorcycles and allows riders to use it for a long time with peace of mind. [Main functions/specifications] [Front and rear cameras] Secure recording with two cameras, front and rear. Simultaneous recording is possible with two cameras, so you can install cameras at the rear in addition to the front, so if you are rear-ended, you can You can also clearly record dangerous "distracted driving". Since it is a separate type, you can freely choose the installation location according to your application. [Wide viewing angle] The viewing angle is 162° diagonally, 137.4° horizontally, and 73.6° vertically. Records a wide range of information. [Equipped with full HD 2 million pixels + WDR] Equipped with a world-class higher-grade SONY CMOS image sensor. With beautiful textured gradations and thorough noise reduction, it records beautiful Full HD 2 million pixel high-quality images even when shooting at night (selectable from 1920X1080P/1280X720P/840x840VGA). Furthermore, it is equipped with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), which corrects differences in brightness in scenes such as backlighting, tunnel entrances, and night scenes, which produce clear images. [Nationwide LED signal support] LED signals flash at different speeds depending on the region: 100 times per second in eastern Japan (50Hz) and 120 times per second in western Japan (60Hz). If these cycles are synchronized with the frame rate of the drive recorder, the color of the traffic light will not be reflected in the recording. [Recording function] [Continuous recording] Recording is completely linked to engine ON/OFF. Recording starts automatically when the engine is started, and continues recording until the engine is turned off. When the SD card is full, it automatically overwrites old files and continues recording new footage. Recording starts and ends automatically without any operation required, so even if an accident occurs, it will be recorded reliably. [Impact Recording] When the G-sensor detects an impact, it automatically records 15 seconds before and after the impact is detected, and saves the data in a separate folder "Impact Recording Folder" that will not be overwritten. Even in the worst case, you can rest assured that every moment is recorded. [Manual Recording] It also supports "manual recording" which allows you to record 15 seconds before and after the timing you want. [MicroSD card 64GB included] A 64GB MicroSD card that has been tested by the manufacturer is included, so you can use it immediately after purchasing it without worrying about compatibility with writing. You can support up to 256GB by purchasing a microSD card (sold separately). [Power supply from vehicle] Power is supplied from the vehicle, so there is no need to worry about the battery running out. No need to worry about charging. It also has a backup power source, so even if the power is cut off due to a major shock, the data at that moment will be recorded securely. [Waterproof, Dustproof, Vibration Resistant] Taking into account the characteristics of motorcycles that are constantly exposed to rain and wind and experience strong vibrations while riding, this product has been designed specifically for motorcycles to be waterproof, dustproof, and vibration resistant. The externally exposed camera simultaneously clears IP66/IP67 and can withstand both jets and temporary submersion. The main unit that is installed under the seat is also waterproof and dustproof (IP55), and all parts such as the camera, main unit, cables, etc. are thoroughly waterproof and dustproof, down to the details and joints, so it can withstand sudden rain. Furthermore, it has passed the vibration acceleration test *10G, so it can withstand continuous vibrations from motorcycles and rough roads, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind. This is a drive recorder specifically for motorcycles that is waterproof, dustproof, and vibration resistant to the highest standards in the industry (as of February 2019). *Vibration acceleration test In the automobile parts vibration test method (JIS D16014 Type A), which tests using a testing machine that generates vibrations of various amplitudes and speeds, vibration acceleration tests of up to 10G are required for onboard equipment for motorcycles. I have passed. [Separate type/compact design] Separate type where the camera and main body are separated. All equipment, including the camera, is designed to be compact, so it can be installed discreetly and smartly so as not to interfere with the bike's aesthetics or ride. The microphone is built into the main unit that is installed under the seat, and since the microphone does not come into direct contact with the wind, it does not pick up unnecessary wind noise or noise. It can be operated using a small switch at hand. There's no need to remove devices every time you leave your bike. It was designed with the rider's usability in mind.

Manufacturer: MITSUBA
Model name: EDR-22
Product size: 6.2 x 8.5 x 2.1 cm; 780 g
Product Model Number: ‎EDR-22
Special Notes: ‎Night Vision, Internal Memory, G-Sensor, Compact Design
Product Dimensions Depth x Width x Height: ‎6.2 x 8.5 x 2.1 cm
Color: ‎Black
Certification: ‎‎Based on [Warranty Policy] in the instruction manual
Product weight: ‎780 g
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