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MiraLead Pre-cut Car Film Toyota Noah R80 Series H26/1~ Failure-safe Service Included HC SBK A012851

MiraLead Pre-cut Car Film Toyota Noah R80 Series H26/1~ Failure-safe Service Included HC SBK A012851

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Condition: New

・Film thickness: 38 microns

Compatible car model Manufacturer: Toyota Car model name: Noah Year: January 2014 ~ Model: R80/R85 ● 2nd row dot part cover type Note 1: If you apply it to cover the dot part as well, it will peel off. There is a risk that please note. Our company cannot be held responsible or guaranteed for any peeling caused by this. Please note. ■Film Features ●Perfect for window glass of various car models! Pre-cut film ●Hard coat resistant to scratches ●Thick film that does not bend easily and is easy to apply Color: Super Black Visible light transmittance: 5%±UV cut rate: 99%± Infrared cut rate: 18% Precautions for use ●Please use a neutral detergent in the sprayer. Add 1 to 2 cc of neutral detergent to 500 cc of water. If you use anything other than a neutral detergent, the color will fade. Also, if the concentration of neutral detergent is too high, the effectiveness of the adhesive on the film will decrease and cause it to peel off. ●Drain water completely during pasting. If neutral detergent remains, sunlight will cause a chemical change and cause the film to fade or discolor. ●If you put a sticker on glass with a film on it for a long time, the film may become discolored after the sticker is removed. ●When removing a film that has been applied for a long time, glue may remain on the glass. (It is convenient to use a commercially available spray remover.) ●Due to the multilayer structure of the film, there may be slight differences in color due to the manufacturing process, but this does not affect the quality. ●If you leave the film on for a long time, the color of the film will fade slightly. ●If you apply a film, visibility will be poor at night. Please drive safely.

Manufacturer: ‎Pellucid
Brand: ‎Pellucid
Model name: ‎A012851
Package size: ‎100 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm; 399 g
Product model number: ‎A012851
Color: ‎Super black
Product weight: ‎399 g
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