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MARVEL Cable Cutter for Copper Wire ME-325

MARVEL Cable Cutter for Copper Wire ME-325

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Condition: New

Total length: 605mm Cutting capacity (mm2): IV 400, VVR 60 x 3 cores, CV 400, CVT 60 Application: Copper wire only Mass: 2230g Cuts cleanly without deforming the cutting surface

Type exclusively for copper wire. The handle load is reduced to approximately 1/2 (manufacturer's ratio) with an auto gear shift mechanism (patent pending).

Brand: ‎Marvel
Product model number: ‎ME-325
Package size: 70 x 61.5 x 5 cm; 3 kg
Material: ‎For cutlery Special steel, vinyl chloride
Quantity: 1
Accessories: None
Warranty: None
Product weight: 3 Kilograms
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