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LYZER LED Kit GR3002 Grit Junior Bicolor H8/H11/H16

LYZER LED Kit GR3002 Grit Junior Bicolor H8/H11/H16

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Condition: New

2-color switching LED fog bulb "Grit Jr. Bicolor" You can change the emission color according to the situation by turning the genuine fog lamp switch ON/OFF!

About the product ■An interior mat made of rubber material that prevents noise, dirt, and scratches inside the car. Easy to install, just put it on and it will be effective. ■Since it is made of rubber material, it not only has excellent cushioning properties, but also can be washed completely! Just wipe it and it dries quickly, so you can keep the inside of your car clean. ■A high-quality rubber mat with outstanding functionality, fashion, and performance. ■Since it is designed specifically for the vehicle, it fits every corner of the interior of the vehicle!The fit that is not found in general-purpose designs makes the interior of the vehicle more luxurious. Compatibility information Manufacturer: Suzuki Model: Solio Model: MA27S/37S Year: R2.12~ Notes: Including Bandit/Hybrid Set contents ● Instrument panel x 4 ・Instrument panel upper box (driver's seat) ・Driver's seat undertray ・Instrument panel under box ( center) ・Instrument panel tray (passenger seat) ●Drink holder x 2 ・Instrument panel drink holder (driver seat/passenger seat) ●Door pocket x 8 ・Top of front door pocket (left and right) ・Front door pocket (left and right) ・Front door pocket pet Bottle holder (left and right) - Rear door plastic bottle holder (left and right) Notes ■If left in a humid car for a long time, the oil from this product may adhere to the side of the car. It can be removed with a neutral detergent, but please maintain it by drying it regularly. ■If your vehicle has a resin-based genuine mat, please remove it and install our product. A chemical reaction may occur, causing deterioration of the product and the genuine mat. ■We cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect symptoms or damages caused by this product. ■After purchasing this product, please be sure to check the surface of the product for scratches, damage, distortion, and the contents of the purchased product within one week. ■Even vehicles listed in the compatibility information may not be compatible depending on the model year, grade, options, etc. Please note. ■Be sure to temporarily assemble before installation. ■We cannot accept exchanges or returns of products after they have been installed. ■As an instruction manual is not included, if you do not know how to install it, we recommend that you ask a professional to install it. ■Be sure to remove all dirt and oil from the mounting surface before installing. *If you attach the product with even a small amount of dirt remaining on the mounting surface, the adhesive strength will gradually weaken and it may come off. ■It is important to dry thoroughly, so please do not drive for a full day after installation. ■We cannot accept complaints or returns after installation. Once even one piece (one place) is attached to the car body, even if there is a problem with the one that is not attached, it cannot be returned or exchanged. ■We are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or damage to the vehicle during installation or use. In addition, we cannot accept any claims for labor or damages, so please be sure to check the product in advance. ■Although this product is manufactured with the utmost care, small scratches may occur on rare occasions. Thank you for your understanding.

Manufacturer: ‎LYZER
Model name: ‎Grit Junior
Packing size: ‎25 x 9.2 x 9.2 cm; 320 g
>Product model number: GR3002
Position: Center
Color: White/Yellow
Certification: The warranty period for this product is one year from the date of purchase.
Product weight: ‎320 g
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