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LESTA Pedal Lock, Anti-Theft, Can be used with Car Steering Wheel Lock, Car Security, Relay Attack Prevention, Brake Pedal Lock, PEDALOCK, Pedalock LST-P15

LESTA Pedal Lock, Anti-Theft, Can be used with Car Steering Wheel Lock, Car Security, Relay Attack Prevention, Brake Pedal Lock, PEDALOCK, Pedalock LST-P15

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✅【Commemorating the release of LESTA new model! ~ Now on sale at a special price! ] ✅ [Thanks to you, the series has sold over 97,000 units! ] The LESTA lock series continues to be chosen by everyone and has exceeded ``total sales of 97,000 units''! We have an overwhelming sales record that is one of the best in the industry! ✅【Prevents the engine from starting. “Brake Pedal Lock”] Brake pedal lock “PEDALOCK” is now available from the LESTA lock series. It strongly locks the brake pedal so that you cannot step on it, and simultaneously locks ``1. Starting the engine,'' ``2. Changing gears,'' and ``3. Starting the vehicle.'' Demonstrates overwhelming anti-theft power. ✅ [“Strong locking function” and “robust cylinder (keyhole) structure”] ✅ Point 1: “Strong locking function”: By using high-quality, high-hardness steel, it is a “top class in the industry” that will not be easily cut. Achieves strong brake pedal lock performance. It can withstand cutting with pipe cutters, etc., and exhibits strong anti-theft power. ✅ Point 2: Adopts a robust cylinder (keyhole) structure: Adopts a cylinder (keyhole) structure that is resistant to destruction by picking, drilling, etc. This prevents theft not only by breaking the brake pedal lock itself but also by destroying the cylinder. ✅ [For emergency escape: Equipped with a window breaking hammer function] The foot part of the main unit can also be used as a window breaking hammer. It can also be used in emergencies such as accidents and disasters when the car door cannot be opened. ✅ [Includes 3 exclusive keys] Securely protected with keys designed to be difficult to copy: Attach and secure to your car's brake pedal to prevent car theft. Even if someone breaks into your car, the brake pedal is firmly locked, so unless you unlock it with a special key, you won't be able to start the engine or take it away. ✅ Product contents: Brake pedal lock body x 1, dedicated key x 3, LESTA instruction manual & manufacturer's warranty x 1. ✅ [Can be used in combination with the LESTA handle lock series] If you want to further strengthen your car's anti-theft protection or are worried about just one security measure, you can use the LESTA handle lock series in addition to the LESTA brake pedal lock. is also possible. ✅ [Compatible with a wide range of general passenger cars and light vehicles] *Please check the size and position of your car's brake pedal. It can be installed on any vehicle that satisfies ``1'' and ``2'' below. "1" The width of the brake pedal arm is within 5 to 15 mm. "2" The distance from the floor to the brake pedal arm is 10cm or more. ✅ [30-day return policy & LESTA manufacturer's 1-year warranty] If it does not fit your vehicle model, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. It also comes with a 1-year LESTA manufacturer's warranty. If you contact the manufacturer's customer center listed on the warranty included with the product, a Japanese staff member will quickly respond within business days.

Brand: ‎LESTA
Product size: ‎3 x 9.5 x 41.5 cm; 1.79 kg
Color: ‎Black
Nameplate Name: ‎Attack
Material: ‎Alloy Steel
Quantity: ‎1
Laser Class: ‎Robust Cylinder (Keyhole) Structure
Product Weight: ‎1.79 Kilograms
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