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LED headlight LM-M10 D3S/R with HID light 35W white 8600Lm set of 2

LED headlight LM-M10 D3S/R with HID light 35W white 8600Lm set of 2

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Condition: New

[Shape] For both D3S/D3R [Emission color] 6000K/white [Luminous flux] 8600 lumens (for one unit) [Power consumption] 70W (for one unit) [Compatible voltage] For both DC12/24V (for use with 24V) (Please be sure to use it with a 24V dedicated ballast.) [Number of LEDs] 2 sets [LED chips] Adopts the latest sole 7750 chip [Main body material] Adopts cutting-edge aluminum material Aviation aluminum 6063 [LED chip life] Over 30,000 hours [ Operating environment] -40℃ ~ +80℃ [Waterproof grade] IP65 [Noise level] 40dB or less

■Product Features★ [Features of the latest model] Can be installed by removing the genuine valve and attaching it with a plug, so there is no need to remove the original wiring from your car. Installation is completed by simply installing the LED bulb and connecting the genuine HID ballast and wiring. You can use the power cord plug without machining. ★[Irradiation distance and luminous efficiency are significantly improved compared to genuine HID bulbs] Equipped with high quality 2-sided 32 LED chips. Enhanced light collection for ultra-high brightness and optimal light distribution! Compared to the original H1D, the brightness of this LED has increased by +220%, reaching up to 8600 lumens. The latest LED technology replaces traditional HID bulbs with an energy-saving design of 35W per side. In addition, the low beam illuminates a wide area and draws a clean cut line, so it does not dazzle oncoming vehicles. The brightness is 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs. Longer life, with power consumption reduced to half that of halogen and more than 5 times longer. It surpasses xenon and realizes efficient energy saving and environmental protection! It is also extremely durable. The design focuses on glare light, scattering light prevention, and genuine light distribution, allowing light to be illuminated more evenly and over a wider area. ★[Compatible with new vehicle inspection] Compatible with new vehicle inspection standards and headlights for passing each other (low beam). *For some car models and older car models, the irradiation may vary depending on the vehicle. Also, adjustments may be necessary. *Regarding vehicle inspections, inspection standards may vary depending on the region and inspector. ★[Product specifications] Car LED headlights Equipped with our original 7750 chip Equipped with a smart IC heat dissipation system Equipped with a silent fan ■Compatible models with some D1S/D1R specifications (may not be compatible depending on model year and grade) Benz S class H17~BMW 1 series E87 H16~ 3 series E90/91 H17~ 3 series E92 H18~ 5 series E60/61 H15~ 7 series E65/66 H17~ X5 E70 H19~Volkswagen EOS H18.10~ GOLF 1KCDLF (Golf 6 ) H22.3~ GOLF 1KCCZ (Golf 6) H21.9~ GOLF TOURAN 1TB / 1TC H19.3~H22.12 PASSAT 3CCAWC/3CBWSC H20.11~ PASSAT H21.1 HID specification Variant SIROCCO 13CA H21.5~ TIGUAN 5NCAW H20.9~Audi A3 Genuine HID car H17.7~ A4 8EA H11~H17 A4 8EA, 8EB H17.2~H20.7 Q7 4LB H19.4~H21.9 TT 8JBWA/JBUBF H18.10~Volvo S80 AB6324 H18 .11~ V70・S70 SB H18.10~ XC60 / XC70 H18.12~Porsche CAYENNE 9PA H14.9~H22.2 CAYENNE H22.3~ PANAMERA 970 H21.7~Fiat 500 312141 H21.4~ Jaguar XKR J4 39A H19 .4~ XK Coupe H18~Alfa Romeo 159 939♯♯ H18.2~ 166 H16.7~■Some compatible models of D3S/D3R specifications (may not be compatible depending on model year and grade) Volkswagen GOLFTOURAN 1TC# H23.1~Volkswagen PASSAT 3CCAX H23.5~Volkswagen POLO 6RCAV H22.6~Volkswagen SHARAN 7NCAV H22.11~H25.1Audi A1 8XCAX H23.1~Audi A3 8PC H20.9~Audi A4 8KC H20. 8~H24.3 Audi A5 8TCALF H20.2~Audi A6 4FA/4FB H21.1~Audi Q3 Audi Q5 8RC H21.5~Audi Q7 4LB H21.10~Volvo V60 [Notes] ■Incompatible model year 2001-2003 Audi A8 S8 2000-2006 Audi TT 2005-2009 Volkswagen Jetta 5th generation 2006-2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI 5th generation 2003-2005 Land Rover Land Rover 2002-2006 Mini Cooper 1 Cooper S (R50/R52) 2002-2006 Mini Cooper Convertible (R53) 2003-2008 Mazda 6 2003-2006 Benz CLK320

Manufacturer: e-auto fun
Brand: e-auto fun
Model name: LM-M10-D3-W
Product size: 7.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm; 390 g
Product model number: LM-M10-D3-W
Exterior condition: Machined
Position: Front
Special notes: 2 sides design! High brightness! Low consumption! Long life! , Ultra-compact integrated LED car light! ! , Compatible with headlights/fog lamps
Lift type: ‎DC 12V
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: ‎7.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm
Number of bolts: ‎24 volts
Certification: ‎ The product is designed for domestic cars. Malfunctions that occur when installed on imported cars are not covered by the warranty. , 1 year from the date of delivery. A statement of delivery is required. We guarantee this product only for use within Japan. , Exchanges can only be made once per item. Please note that if you have already requested an exchange once, we will not be able to do so a second time or later.
Product weight: ‎390 g
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