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Late Shokai Takumi Bike Cover Version 2 R1200RS Only No Box TA932SR1200RS

Late Shokai Takumi Bike Cover Version 2 R1200RS Only No Box TA932SR1200RS

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Condition: New

Size: German motorcycle R1200RS No box

R1200RS normal (no box) Overall length 220, Overall height 126, Overall width 100, Tail height 100, Rear upper width 45, Rear lower width 50 ●Body material: The outer gunmetal outer is "Polyester OX250 Denier". UV resistant and highly durable. ●Main body material: The rear black inner is made of a special heat-resistant material "broad". It is safe to touch the engine, muffler, etc. after the vehicle is stopped. ●Main body material: The front upper part of the inside and the upper front part of the inner are made of highly protective soft material "Polyester Panlace" around the screen and handle. ●Sewing: Double stitching In order to increase strength and reduce water seepage, all stitching is double stitched and double stitched. ●Center belt Shatter prevention belt. It can be attached and detached from either the left or right side. Adopts the advanced inner material that is also used by Takumi Advance. It won't melt even with the heat of the muffler. ●Double side buckle Bell and adjuster installed on the center belt to prevent scattering. It has a structure that is strong against tension and does not easily loosen. Equipped on the left and right. ●Handles Two convenient handles are placed on the front and one on the back to improve operability. We use materials that are resistant to UV deterioration. ●Lock holes Equipped with lock holes on the front and back for security equipment. Color-coded front/yellow, back/black, making it easy to identify the front and rear when the cover is attached. ●Double stopper Equipped with a diaphragm cord on the front and back. Adopts a double stopper that is used in authentic outdoor products and can withstand strong winds. ●Air vent Air venturi is installed on both sides. This is a device that prevents moisture from accumulating inside and prevents rust from forming. ●Tail mark Commitment to ease of everyday use. Only the rear panel is black, and is used as a front and rear identification mark when installed. ●Storage bag A special storage bag is included. The breathable mesh material makes it easy to use even when the cover itself is damp.

Manufacturer: ‎Reit Shokai
Brand: ‎Reit Shokai (Reit)
Package size: ‎40.2 x 30.6 x 11.8 cm; 2.33 kg
Discontinued by the manufacturer Weight: ‎No
Product weight: ‎2.33 Kilograms
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