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Late BC005 High Spec Bike Cover Bike Guard 3L General Purpose

Late BC005 High Spec Bike Cover Bike Guard 3L General Purpose

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Condition: New

Compatible models: Universal American Cruiser

Late BC005 High Spec Bike Cover Bike Guard 3L Manufacturer Part Number: BC005JAN Code: 4543781115014 Material: Polyester Ox 250 Denier Size: 3L Specifications: Silver Coating Features: [Tightened hem for improved fit! ]■With draw cord Built-in draw cord that can be tightened around the hem. After installing the cover, it can be easily adjusted from the rear. It fits the bike better and is effective against wind. [Comes with a convenient handle when putting on and taking off! 】■Carry handle We have added handles on the front and back to make it easier to lift when removing the cover. When installed, it also serves as a front and rear marker by color (front/yellow, rear/black). *Please loosen the draw cord before use. If you pull it forcibly, it may be damaged. [Resistant against rain and dew! ] ■ New cutting adopted A new design of the cover body designed to have fewer seams on the top of the body. Easy to put on and take off. [Safety during strong winds! ]■Buckle & Belt You can secure the cover around the side of the vehicle with a belt to prevent it from coming off. Easy to put on and take off with one-touch buckle. [As a mark when attaching and detaching! ] ■Black panel Black material is used at the rear edge of the cover. When worn, it serves as a mark to indicate the front and back, making daily work of putting it on and taking it off very easy. [You can also attach a large bike lock! ]■With front and rear lock holes Equipped with holes on the front and rear of the main unit that can be used to attach U-locks, chain locks, etc. A long hole type design that can be used with any size of equipment. When installing the cover, the front and rear color coding will serve as a guide. (Front/Yellow/Back/Black) [Equipment that prevents moisture from accumulating! 】■Air Ventilation A vent on the side of the main unit that exhausts the internal air. This is a way to prevent your bike from rusting during the rainy season. Note: Protect your car from dust, dirt, UV rays, acid rain, etc. 250 denier material has a reputation for being multi-functional and durable. Made in Japan Photo Note: *Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Manufacturer: ‎REIT
Brand: ‎REIT
Packing size: ‎30.6 x 20.3 x 8.1 cm; 1.23 kg
Manufacturer reference: ‎BC005
Color: ‎Late
Product weight: ‎1.23 Kilograms
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