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KYO-EI Bimecc Hubcentric Wheel Spacer for Audi A4/A5/S5 MY' 08 Thickness 15mm 5H112 Inner Diameter 66.5mm SP181

KYO-EI Bimecc Hubcentric Wheel Spacer for Audi A4/A5/S5 MY' 08 Thickness 15mm 5H112 Inner Diameter 66.5mm SP181

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Accessories: *Please be sure to check the manufacturer's website for compatibility and specification details. Quantity: 2 pieces

Kyoei Sangyo KYO-EI Bimecc Spacer 5x112 66.5 15mm Aluminum 2pcs Manufacturer's suggested retail price 20,000 Precautions for use *Precautions for installation ●After installing the spacer, adjust the alignment to prevent uneven tire wear is recommended. ●This spacer is for imported cars only. Please do not install it on vehicles other than those specified or on domestic vehicles. ●Long bolts are always required to install the spacer. Long bolts are sold separately. Please order together when purchasing. ●Extend the bolt according to the thickness of the spacer. If the spacer thickness is 5mm, please extend the length of the bolt by 5mm under the neck. ●Please use bolts of the same type as the bolts currently installed on the wheel. Also, please extend the length under the neck according to the thickness of the spacer and install it. ●Be sure to tighten the bolts by at least 10mm to securely fix the wheel. ●Please be careful about the bolt seat. The wheel seat has a 60° taper seat and a spherical seat. Please select the bolt that is suitable for the wheel you are installing. ●Cannot be used if the bolt comes into contact with the brake system (ABS sensor, etc.) inside the hub. After installation, be sure to turn the wheel by hand to make sure that the bolts are not interfering with anything. ●Depending on the vehicle model, there are vehicles with extremely low hub heights. In those cases, it cannot be used because hubcentricity is not possible. ●The 5mm spacer and 7mm spacer for Porsche do not come with a hub for centering. It can be installed if the hub height is sufficient on the vehicle side, but if the hub height is low, please use a spacer with a hub of 10 mm or larger. ●We do not guarantee any malfunction or damage caused by incorrect installation or handling, or if the product is installed on a vehicle that has been improperly modified. ●Due to individual vehicle differences and deformation, there may be a gap between the vehicle and the spacer, which may prevent them from coming into close contact. Please make sure there are no gaps when installing. ●Temporarily assemble the spacer to the mounting surface of the hub on the vehicle side and the hub hole on the wheel side, and check that the spacer is installed. If it does not fit smoothly, if there is any play after installation, or if there is a gap in the mounting surface, please do not use it. ●This Vimex spacer is a competition part and cannot be used on public roads. ●Installation may be difficult due to dirt on the vehicle hub and wheels. Please remove dirt thoroughly with a brush etc. before installing.

Manufacturer: Kyoei Sangyo
Brand: Kyoei Sangyo
Model name: SP181
Package size: 21.6 x 18.2 x 6.7 cm; 1.04 kg
Item model number: ‎SP181
Item weight: ‎1.04 Kilograms
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