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KYB Spring (KCS Direct Winding ID65) 9inch 7K Set of 2

KYB Spring (KCS Direct Winding ID65) 9inch 7K Set of 2

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Condition: New

Installation part: Direct winding type, 1 set of 2

Rate:12.0(kgf/mm) 117.6(N/mm)Stroke:88.0(mm)Max Lord:1056.0(kgf) 10349(N)Weight:1,610(g)Please refer to this page for details on compatible vehicle models. → Sports L・H・SHigh-quality springs that combine maneuverability, comfort, and fashionabilitySprings are a basic feature of cars. It is the most important part that determines the character and ride quality. For each model of Lowfer Sports L, H, and S, vehicle height settings and spring rates are determined by prioritizing the balance between comfort for everyday use on the street and light and stable driving. In addition, since the manufacturing quality of springs affects rust prevention and durability, we use materials and molding methods that match the shape and characteristics, mainly cold molding, to minimize rate variations and fatigue. Developed exclusively for specialty cars, which offer the highest level of riding comfort, high power, improved body rigidity, high-performance tires, and continued evolution of suspension tuning and integrated performance. This spring is the best match for Extage, which incorporates advanced technology and craftsmanship into each car model while imagining the characteristics of each car and the thoughts of its owners. Spring set Lowfer Sports L/H/S and Extage 4-spring set now available at an affordable price Starting August 2017, Lowfer Sports L/H/S and Extage springs will be sold as a 4-spring set at an even more affordable price. I did. For those who say, "The shock absorber is still a bit.", you can enjoy a nice and firm lowdown with just the L, H, S and Extage springs. Competition Spring KCSKCS Direct-wound springs Real Sports Dampe spec The direct-wound springs, which are indispensable for setting TR and other vehicle height suspensions, are lightweight and have improved resistance to fatigue due to their tensile strength of 2000N/mm2.・Spring rate tolerance is within ±3% ・Spring rate display sheet is attached for all products ・Spring rate is set in 1 kgf/mm increments ・Light weight and genuine shape spring with buckling prevention ・Genuine shape that reduces damper friction even at full stroke ・Rally, dirt trial Before purchasing, please check the vehicle model, engine model, drive system, model year, grade, etc. on the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate before purchasing. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's website to see if there are any errors in vehicle compatibility.

Manufacturer: Kayaba (KYB)
Brand: KYB
Model name: KCS65-20312
Package size: 27.4 x 23 x 12.6 cm; 3.2 kg
Item model number: ‎KCS65-20312
Color: ‎Silver
Certification: ‎Subject to manufacturer's warranty
Item weight: ‎3.2 Kilograms
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