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Kyoto Machinery Tools (KTC) Flex Long Ratchet Handle 9.5mm (3/8 inch) BR3FL-H

Kyoto Machinery Tools (KTC) Flex Long Ratchet Handle 9.5mm (3/8 inch) BR3FL-H

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Insertion angle: 9.5mm (3/8) Caution: If you apply too much force to the flex part, the work will become unstable. Caution: Be sure to operate the left and right switching levers to avoid damage or idling. Caution: Be careful not to overtorque as the overall length is long and it is easy to apply excessive loads.

●Flex long type expands the range of work. ●A handle that can be used in conjunction with a socket to tighten and loosen bolts. ●By adopting an integrated claw in the head, the thickness has been reduced by 20% compared to conventional models, making it more compact. ●Uses 36 gears to achieve a fine feed angle of 10 degrees, while supporting 2 points with claws to increase strength by 30% compared to conventional products. ●By adopting a union mechanism, the socket can be held securely. ●Easy maintenance is possible with the repair kit (BR3E-K sold separately). ●The new flex mechanism provides a constant and smooth swinging feeling. Caution

Brand: Kyoto Machinery Tools (KTC)
Product model number: BR3FL-H
Product size: 27.5 x 3.3 x 1.35 cm; 360 g
Color: ‎ Silver
Nameplate name: ‎Long
Material: ‎Alloy steel
Product weight: ‎360 g
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