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KS Tools Heating Hose Unlock Tool for Ford 150.3013

KS Tools Heating Hose Unlock Tool for Ford 150.3013

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Condition: New

Product name: Heating hose unlocking tool for Ford Model number: 150.3013

For professionally loosening spray wall heating hoses No damage to plug-in couplings Quick and easy removal of hoses For plastic professional engine repairs For timing belt replacement Very high accuracy Comes in a durable plastic storage case Scope of application : Ford B-Max (2012 - 2017), C-Max (2012 - 2017), EcoSport (2013 - 2017), Fiesta (2013 - 2017), Focus (2012 - 2017), Grande C-Max (2012 - 2017) , Grande Tourneo Connect (2013 - 2017), Mondeo (2015 - 2017), Tourneo Connect (2013 - 2017), Transit Connect (2013 - 2017), Transit Courier (2014 - 2017), 1.0 l EcoBoost, Zetec S Red M1CA / M1CB / M1DA / M1DD / M1JA / M1JC / M1JE / M1JH / M1JJ / M2DA / M2DB / M2DC / M2GA / M2GB / P4JA / P4JB / P4JC / P4JD / SFCA / SFCB / SFCC / SFCD / SFDB / SFJA / SFJB / SFJC / Ideal for operating belt tensioning devices (SFJD / XMJA / XMJB / XMJC / and TDCi (Engine code: D5BA, D6BA, HJBA, HJBC, FMBA, N7BA, QJBB, QJBA) For assembly and disassembly of rear axle lower silent bearings Ideal for safe bearings Direct replacement saves a lot of time Safe and easy to use Ideal for manual use Special tool steel Scope of application: Ford Fiesta MK6 (>2008), Mazda 2 MK3 (>2007) Note: The spindle must be greased before first use. Overloading will lead to unnecessary material stress or damage Always check the drive power setting with a torque wrench Required for assembly and disassembly of DCT clutches (Double Clutch Transmission) Required for repair of clutch ASSY Couplings Released by rotating clockwise For quick, clean and safe removal and installation or replacement Rugged design Chrome Vanadium Application range: Ford Focus >2004, C-Max, S-Max, Galaxy, Mondeo >2007 , Kuga >2013, Volvo C30, C70 >2006, S40 >2004, S60 >2011, S80 >2007 6-speed transmission. Ideal for V40 >2013, V50, V60, V70 >2008, XC60, Dodge Avenger, Journey, Chrysler Severing funnel for clean, correct and environmentally friendly filling Special adapter with seal Direct thick connection with oil filler port Long No more time-consuming pouring Prevents loss and contamination from drain oil on engine block or exhaust manifold Special plastic Optional expandable plug system Use with oil fill funnel Applicable range: Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda fuel filter cover Required for removing and installing the fuel filter cover when replacing the fuel filter insert Allows precise torque installation Prevents damage to the fuel filter housing and mounting ring Easy and time-saving work Internal square according to DIN 3120 / ISO 1174 Drive adapter matt finish chrome vanadium Applicability: Ford Transit 2,2 L TDCI helmet: DIN EN 397 / EN 50365 Electrical insulation AC100

Brand: KS Tools
Product model number: 150.3013
Product size: 13.1 x 7.3 x 3.4 cm; 10 g
Material: Plastic
Quantity: ‎ 1
Accessories: None
Product weight: 10 g
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