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KS Tools Handbrake Shoe Holding Spring Tool for Mercedes 150.2299

KS Tools Handbrake Shoe Holding Spring Tool for Mercedes 150.2299

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Product name: Hand brake shoes retaining spring tool for Mercedes Model number: 150.2299

Ideal for assembling and disassembling the handbrake jaw retention clip for disc brakes Guide slot in the functional area Easy access to the retention spring on the rear side of the hub. For narrow spaces One component handle with hanging hole Application range: Parking brake retention spring (rear disc) for Mercedes V-Class Vito and Viano (Model 638) 1996 - 2003, (Model 639) 2003 - 2014, (Model 447) >2014 Suitable for damage-free installation of shaft seal rings (brakes) For use with a rubber hammer Seal seat omitted Special tool steel Scope of application: Mercedes Actros AP Rear axle Silent bearing assembly and disassembly inside and outside the vehicle Longitudinal control arms of front and rear axles For replacing silent bearings on and cross control arms For use with machine spindles Significant time savings Special tool steel Comes in a durable plastic storage case Scope of application: Mercedes W203, W204, W209, W211 and W220 Note: The spindle must be used first Must be greased before. Overloading can lead to unnecessary material stress or damage Always check the power setting of the drive with a torque wrench Extension for kingpin sets (440.0675 and 440.0665) Safe and easy to use Special tool steel Application range: Mercedes Actros and Atego Hexagonal socket External hexagonal with washer Internal square drive according to DIN 3121 / ISO 1174 with washer 6 round profile High fit accuracy Very robust version For high tightening and loosening torques Special tool steel Scope of application: Mercedes trucks - VA- and Discos Trailer (05.2000) Compact Storage HUB for quick and professional installation and removal of the oil mist separator of the oil filter with unit 12 points Use according to the manufacturer's torque specifications Compatible with left-right operation Compliant with DIN 3120 - ISO 1174 Internal square drive For manual operation 12 painted surfaces For loosening and tightening flat nuts on suspension joints. Central bore to allow counter-holding of joint pins Internal square or external hex drive according to DIN 3120/ISO 1174 30.00 mm Very robust execution Special tool steel For professional engine repairs For installing and removing timing chains For temporary chains Easy to install with links Very high precision Special tool steel Application range: Mercedes 1.7 D, 2.1 D, 2.2 D, 2.7 D, 3.0 D, 3.2 D, 3.9 D, 4.0 CDI, Chrysler, Jeep 2.2 D, 2.7 D, 3.0 CRD scope of application: Mercedes Thread: M12×1,5 Packing contents: 1 Weight [g]: 7 Pin diameter (mm): 72 Accessories: 3/4 Accessories: 82 Packing contents: 1 Parts in the set: 17 Applications : Mercedes/Chrysler/Jeep Weight [g]: 2900 Material 1: Special tool steel Accessories: 320 Pin diameter (mm): 100 Accessories: 45 Drive-in inch: 1/2" Norm: DIN 3120, ISO 1174 Packing contents: 1 Overall length mm: 50.0 External hex drive (mm): 30 Inner diameter (mm): 43 Weight [g]: 270 Material 1: Special tool steel Pin diameter (mm): 72 Application: Mercedes W167, W205, W213, W238 , W253, W257 Accessories: <0,80 Accessories: 57 Drive-in inches: 1/2" Norm: DIN 3120, ISO 1174 Scope of application: Mercedes Number of stages: 1 Groove: 12 Application: Mercedes Packing contents: 1 Wrench size SW (mm):96,0 Weight [g]:616 Mirror Attachment 3:160 Square Drive Imperial:Video Video Link Application:Ratche

Brand: KS Tools
Product model number: 150.2299
Package size: 20.8 x 11.1 x 1.8 cm; 85 g
Accessories: None
Product weight : ‎85 g
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