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KN Planning Grand Axis BWS100 4VP New Power Up Chamber Sports Scarf G03R

KN Planning Grand Axis BWS100 4VP New Power Up Chamber Sports Scarf G03R

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[Product Name] ■Released in July 2018 NEW NEW G03 Power Up Chamber [G03R] [Features] ■A new version of the rumored explosively popular Street Chamber G03! When installed, the power will definitely increase! ■A new member of the popular G03 series has been added. This 03 is a normal evolution version of the performance of the first generation G03. I want to level up a little more than G03! Recommended in such cases. ■Suitable even when the tuning level has increased. The size of the internal pipe and outlet has also been increased! It will definitely "come out". ■The biggest feature of the G03R is the O2 sensor mounting boss, which is standard equipment! This allows for the installation of an air-fuel ratio meter. Settings that rely on intuition have changed to settings that rely on numbers, and you can help him set things more clearly. The sensor mounting part is designed specifically for his 2-stroke. This structure extends the life of the O2 sensor. *This does not guarantee the O2 sensor. Please use only when setting. ■The muffler body and stay part are divided into two parts, and the flange is integrated, making it easy to install.The stay part uses a bush.This makes it easier to install on any engine in any condition. We have devised this. ■Furthermore, by changing the collar, one can be installed on four types of engines. ■Center stand installation OK! ■Dedicated O2 sensor is scheduled to be sold. [Recommended matching for compatible models] ■JOG50 series --- Recommended for displacement 60cc ~ bore up. ! Those who want the power of a chamber, but want a supochang shape. ■JOG90 series---Displacement from 82cc to maximum displacement OK! A step up from G03X and G03, those who want something even quieter and faster! ■Grand Axis series --- Displacement ALL OK! For those who are not satisfied with G03. [[Compatible models]] ① YAMAHA JOG50 series pre-regulation 2-stroke engines in general [3YK, 3KJ, 3YJ, 4LV] *Unconfirmed as Vino may have a body cover shock absorber, etc. ②YAMAHA JOG50 series regulated 2-stroke engines in general [SA11,12,SA13,SA16,5SW,,5PT,5KN,5EM,5BM,5GD,BJ] *Vino is unconfirmed. ③YAMAHA JOG90 Axis 90 engine [3WF,3VR] ④YAMAHA Grand Axis 100 series engines in general [5FA, 4VP, etc.] ⑤YAMAHA BWS50 [5DA] in general [[Accessories]] ■Muffler body ■Muffler stay ■Muffler flange gasket ■M6*15mm hex Bolt*2 ■M8*25mm hex bolt*2 ■M8*30mm hex bolt*2 ■M8*35mm hex bolt*2 ■M8 collar 13m*2 ■M8 collar 18m*2 ■M6 washer*2 ■M8 washer*4 ■ M8 nut*2 ■O2 sensor blind bolt*1 ■Instruction manual

Manufacturer: ‎KN Planning
Manufacturer reference: ‎G03R
By manufacturer Discontinued: No
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