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KITACO Helmet Holder YZF-R25/MT-25/YZF-R3/MT-03 Black 80-564-07700

KITACO Helmet Holder YZF-R25/MT-25/YZF-R3/MT-03 Black 80-564-07700

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Condition: New

Compatible models YZF-R25: (RG10J) All 1WD/2WD models/(RG43J) All BS8/B0E/B3P/B6P models/(RG74J) B1X2/3/6 | MT-25: (RG10J) All B04 models/(RG43J) )B1E/B4W all models/(RG74J)BGJ2 | YZF-R3:(RH07J)B02 all models/(RH13J)BR5/B7P all models/(RH21J)B2XB | MT-03:(RH07J)B05 all models/(RH13J ) All B0B/B6W models/(RH21J) All BEV4 models Bolt-on 2 keys included Plate: Steel/Black Attachment location: Tandem step Helmet lock that improves everyday usability

A helmet lock that improves everyday usability. ■Compatible models YZF-R25: (RG10J) All 1WD/2WD models / (RG43J) All BS8, B0E, B3P, B6P models / (RG74J) B1X2/3/6 MT-25: (RG10J) All B04 models / (RG43J) )B1E・B4W all models / (RG74J)BGJ2 YZF-R3 : (RH07J)B02 all models / (RH13J)BR5・B7P all models / (RH21J)B2XB MT-03 : (RH07J)B05 all models / (RH13J)B0B・All B6W models / (RH21J) All BEV4 models ■Specifications ○Bolt-on ○2 keys included ○Plate: Steel/Black ○Attachment location: Tandem step

Manufacturer: KITACO
Model name: Helmet holder
Packing size: 20.2 x 13.6 x 3.2 cm; 300 g
Product model number: 80-564-07700 >Certification: In the unlikely event that quality defects due to material or manufacturing issues are confirmed by KITACO's inspection and inspection, we will repair or replace the product free of charge for up to 6 months after purchase.
However, the cost of other products, labor costs, losses, etc. that are damaged due to defects in the product are not covered.
Also, please have a receipt showing the date of purchase.
(Race-specific parts are not covered by the product warranty.)
Product weight: ‎300 g
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