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KITACO Exex Muffler (T2) Cygnus X/Cygnus XSR 547-0415100

KITACO Exex Muffler (T2) Cygnus X/Cygnus XSR 547-0415100

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Condition: New

Compatible models Cygnus X/-SR (FI cars): 1YP1/2/5 | Cygnus correspondence

A sports muffler featuring a raised silencer. Prioritizing exhaust efficiency, power and torque are improved from medium speed range to high speed range. ●Silencer: Aluminum (φ110/black alumite finish) ●Exhaust pipe: Stainless steel ●Built-in catalytic converter *A separate muffler gasket is required for installation. Optional parts: Muffler gasket (XY-17) 963-0000017 [About product warranty] We take every precaution in manufacturing, but in the unlikely event that there is a quality defect due to manufacturing reasons by KITACO, the same number of We will replace the product with a new one or repair it free of charge, but please refrain from paying for parts and maintenance costs in the event of breakdowns, damage, accidents, etc. The warranty period for Kitaco products is 6 months from the date of purchase.

Manufacturer: KITACO
Model name: 547-0415100
Package size: 52.5 x 26.5 x 16 cm; 3.38 kg
Item model number: ‎547-0415100
Color: ‎Black
Item weight: ‎3.38 Kilograms
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