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KITACO Driven Sprocket (38T) CBR250R/CB250F 535-1818038

KITACO Driven Sprocket (38T) CBR250R/CB250F 535-1818038

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Condition: New

Compatible models: CBR250R (MC41), CB250F (MC43), etc. 520 size Normal number (-'13): 38T For racing only (changing the reduction ratio will cause an error in the speedometer display, so we recommend using it for racing) ) Depending on the T number change, it may be necessary to install a speed conversion pulse unit.

This is the rear side (wheel side) sprocket. To enable detailed settings, we support tuners with a rich number of teeth and reasonable pricing. Made of chromoly high tensile steel that boasts high durability. Sprockets are consumable items. As a guideline during general driving, please inspect the sprocket every 1000km (daily lubrication will greatly improve the life of the sprocket and chain). *Rear sprocket T number ÷ front sprocket T number = The larger the reduction ratio number, the more emphasis is placed on acceleration, and the lower the number, the more emphasis is placed on maximum speed. Sprocket replacement: There is no clear standard for when to replace a sprocket, and it is very vague. Among them, the determining factor is ``wear of the tooth tips.'' If the tips of your teeth become sharp, or the belly or sides become scraped, it's time to replace them. Replacing the front and rear sprockets and chain at the same time: If you replace only one of them, the replaced parts will not be able to achieve their original performance and durability due to worn parts that have not been replaced, resulting in earlier replacement time. Therefore, considering the future, it is recommended to replace all three items at the same time as it will last longer.

Manufacturer: KITACO
Model name: 535-1818038
Package size: 31.4 x 25.9 x 1.1 cm; 635.03 g
Product model number: ‎535-1818038
Product weight: ‎635 g
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