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KITACO Super Oil Pump Kit MONKEY Gorilla etc. 331-1083300

KITACO Super Oil Pump Kit MONKEY Gorilla etc. 331-1083300

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Compatible models Monkey/Gorilla | Monkey Baja | Ducks (12V) | Jazz | Magna 50 | Motora | Monkey R/RT | CD50/Benry 50S/Benry CL50 | Super Cub 50/Press Cub | Super Cub 50/Press Cub 50 (FI Car) | Little Cub | Little Cub 50 (FI car) | Jorcub | Solo | XR50R/CRF50F | Please look. Discharge volume approximately 1.3 times (compared to 50cc engine carburetor vehicle) *Discharge volume equivalent to the oil pump of an FI vehicle. Concave drive shaft Trochoid gear thickness: 7.0mm Repair oil pump gasket 966-1015014

- Discharge volume: Approximately 1.5 times (50cc engine normal pump ratio) - Discharge volume equivalent to the oil pump of an FI car - Concave drive shaft The required oil pump will differ depending on the vehicle model, model year, and bore up KIT type. . There are two types of shapes. A large capacity oil pump that is an essential item when tuning an engine. By increasing the oil discharge amount, it prevents the cooling function from decreasing due to engine tuning such as increasing the bore, and from decreasing the oil pressure due to installing an oil cooler, etc., and maximizes the performance of the tuned engine. Two types are available depending on the tuning level. Basically, use the super oil pump for bore-up KITs of 100cc or less, and the ultra oil pump for bore-up KITs of 100cc or more. However, please use the Ultra Oil Pump for vehicles equipped with high-performance cylinder heads and oil coolers. After installing the oil pump KIT, be sure to check that the oil pressure has increased. Installation requires enlarging the orifice. (Super Oil Pump φ1.5, Ultra Oil Pump φ2.0) Installation requires a separate crankcase gasket (966-1015004) and clutch outer cover gasket that matches the specifications of each car. [Compatible models] Monkey Gorilla: FNO, Z50J-2000001~, FNO, AB27-1000001~1899999 Monkey Baja: All models Dax (12V): AB26 All models Jazz: All models Magna 50: AC13 All models Motra: All models Monkey R・RT: All models CD50・Benry 50S・Benry CL50:FNO,CD50-1500001~Super Cub 50・Press Cub:FNO,C50-8000001~9501323,FNO,C50-600001~0095210,FNO,C50-0200001~,FNO, AA01-1000001~1699999 Super Cub 50/Press Cub 50 (FI car): FNO, AA01-1700001~ Little Cub: FNO, C50-4300001~, FNO, AA01-1000001~3999999 Little Cub 50 (FI car): FNO, AA01-4000001 ~ Jorcabu: AF53 All models Solo: AC17 All models XR50R/CRF50F: AE03 All models Usage prohibited. The Super Oil Pump KIT cannot be installed on Chaly 50 (FNO, CF50-3000031~) and Chaly 70 (FNO, CF70-3000029~). However, the Ultra Oil Pump KIT can be installed using a normal flat type oil pump cover. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read 4990852009985

Manufacturer: KITACO
Model name: 331-1083300
Packing size: ‎14.9 x 8 x 2.8 cm; 108.86 g
Product model number: ‎331-1083300
Product weight: ‎109 g
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